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10-11-2004, 03:53 PM
well ladies, I just got back from a LOOONG weekend back at Penn State and was able to see Kyle Orton in mid-season form against the weak Penn State team.

Before the game, I thought Orton was excellent and would pass for 300 yards and put up 40 points against the Lions, I would have bet the farm on it. I was one of the few who was stating we should be lookin at him in the draft next year.

Boy was I wrong. Anyone have any BBQ sauce, because the Crow I am eating today is rather dry......

Orton was HORRIBLE. THe kid doesnt check down and go through his progressions. A lot of people make a big deal because he is good at reading defenses and he calls a lot of audibles. When Orton audibled, it was based on how our linebackers and safety's lined up. When Orton saw a favorable matchup he would audible and then ONLY look at the receiver he audibled for. Penn State has good cover corners and Orton would throw wether the receiver was completely covered or double teamed. He NEVER checked down. Purdue would lin up with 3 wr's. Usually 2 to Ortons left and one to his right. I feel sorry for the guy on his right, because Orton NEVER made it through his progressions to see the guy on the right. In BOTH of Orton's INT's against Penn State, his WR split out right was wide open in man to man coverage with the safety cheating to the left. Orton never saw him and never looked at him.

When Penn States CB's were playing 5-7 yards off the WR's, Orton would audible to call his short out pass where he would take his 1 step drop and pass it immediately to the WR out left. He called the play 3-4 times during the game. If I knew EXACTLY what play was being called, so did any good coach in college or the NFL or any good CB in the NFL. I was waiting for Zemaitis or Phillips to jump the route and take it back for a TD but Penn States CB's never picked up on it and never jumped their routes. In the NFL, this guy is a CB's dream.

Purdue should have lost this game. Orton telegraphed about 75% of his throws and I called the EXACT play about 50% of the time from the stands to the guys I was sitting with. After the first quarter, they all picked up on it and based on the Penn State coverage, we knew exactly who he was throwing to before he snapped the ball and everyone I was sitting with was suprised at how he wouldnt make it through his progressions and find the open WR.

This guy's numbers are inflated and he is NOT as good as his numbers state. Penn State might have the second best secondary in the Big Ten behind Michigan, but they are no where to NFL starters. This kid might be in the heisman running now, but when he plays another team with a good secondary, he will be exposed.

I would expect Orton to drop to a #2 round pick by the end of the season. Unless this was a horrible game for him, which I dont think it was, he is NOT NFL material.

Nublar...... I know you went to this game and saw him live also, waddya think? Penn State should have abused him!

10-11-2004, 03:55 PM
I heard there was a drew brees sighting purdue

10-11-2004, 04:08 PM
Good post. I've been saying this all along (I probably sound like a broken record).....right now, this kid is overrated. That's not to say he won't be good in the future, but he certainly isn't as good as his numbers would suggest.

I don't think we should take a QB in the 1st round anyway....

10-18-2004, 10:59 AM
Same exact scenario for Wisconsin game....

He has larry johnson syndrome.... put up great numbers against crap teams, but play good big to teams and put up the old crap-o