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10-30-2004, 12:15 PM
I'm in a 14-man league with some friends of mine. This week I'm up against the number one team in the league "Da Bears" aka the Indianapolis Colts. We're both 6-1.

My team

QB B. Favre (GB - QB) @Was 0.00
WR B. Stokley (Ind - WR) @KC 0.00
WR C. Chambers (Mia - WR) @NYJ 0.00
RB E. George (Dal - RB) Det 0.00
RB D. Levens (Phi - RB) Bal 0.00
TE F. Jones (Ari - TE) @Buf 0.00
K K. Brown (Hou - K) Jac 0.00
DEF Miami (Mia - DEF) @NYJ 0.00
D Z. Thomas (Mia - DL) @NYJ 0.00
D J. Sharper (Hou - DL) Jac 0.00
DB K. Lucas (Sea - DB) Car 0.00
DB M. Coleman (Hou - DB) Jac 0.00
DL J. Taylor (Mia - DL) @NYJ 0.00
DL L. Fletcher (Buf - DL) Ari 0.00

His team

QB P. Manning (Ind - QB) @KC 0.00
WR R. Wayne (Ind - WR) @KC 0.00
WR L. Fitzgerald (Ari - WR) @Buf 0.00
RB E. James (Ind - RB) @KC 0.00
RB T. Jones (Chi - RB) SF 0.00
TE M. Pollard (Ind - TE) @KC 0.00
K S. Graham (Cin - K) @Ten 0.00
DEF New York (NYJ - DEF) Mia 0.00
D J. Azumah (Chi - DB) SF 0.00
D J. Abraham (NYJ - DL) Mia 0.00
DB E. Reed (Bal - DB) @Phi 0.00
DB M. Green (Chi - DB) SF 0.00
DL M. Strahan (NYG - DL) @Min 0.00
DL B. UrlacherP (Chi - DL) SF 0.00

Yes, I did win 6 out of 7 games with my team. How? I'm not completely sure. My IDP (Individual Defensive Players) have been absolutely stellar for me. I do have Jamal Lewis at RB but him and his damned cocaine problem...

I think I might have to rely on a complete shtudown of the Indy offense by Kansas City. :roflmao:

Bobby Humphrey
11-07-2004, 02:26 AM
thats awsome, i would love to see your squad win it all ...... go bro go