View Full Version : A Few Draft Day Senarios...

11-08-2004, 09:29 PM
Ok, a couple of these may be a bit far fetched, but bear with me.

The first senario involves the Phins standing pat where they are. Possibly with the first pick in the draft, or at very leat a top 5 pick, the phins are faced with the dilemma of having multiple needs, but only one pick, and not picking for another 64 selections. Now this selection becomes more flexible if we nab one of many top-teir RBs scheduled to be free agents at the end of the season (Shaun Alexander, Eddgerin James, Rudi Johnson) Then we can concentrate on another position of need, But with no clear cut QB or OL proposition, and Aj Feely still an unknown quantity, it still becomes a crap-shoot. I wouldn't be comfortible with this situaton.

Senario two envolves a trade down. If this is handled correctly it could be a very rewarding situation. We could barter with a team like Dallas with 2 #1's (who will most likely be targeting Antrel Rolle) or go for a lower #1 and several 2nd and 3rd round picks, possibly with a 1st coming next year (we need to rebuild) This senario could in the best case allow us to get several contributers in this draft, and at worst find one or two solid players but with some room to "bust" on one. This situation will also still allow us to nab one of the top rated QBs in this draft, should we so choose, due to the some what subpar ratings for the signal callers (but remember Dan the Man was the 20th selection in '83). This senario gives us much more flexibility.

Senario three is unlikely, but possible. In the event of "The Back That Shall Not Be Named":goof: :fire: returns, and his subsiquent parley to another team, we can expect no less that a 1st round pick for him (Raiders/9ers anyone?). Now couple that with a trade down to the 'Boys or Philly (who I "think" has 2 1sts) we are left with the exciting (however unlikely) possiblity of having 3 1st round picks, with one still in the top 10 possibily top 5(Raid/9ers). Now we can look at getting a Franchise RB, a top rated QB, and bolster the OL or DL. This all becomes even more exciting if we pick up a FA RB, and or Feely shows he can get the job done. At that point we can use the added pick to increase the youth and team speed on the defensive side of the ball. This, coupled with a compitent new coach, would make for a bright future for the Phins. Of course the stars would have to alighn for this to come to fruitation, but its a nice thought....

Also, I just want to point out some eerie similarities between a certain RB in this draft class and a former running back who's now retired. Simillar build. Same running styles. He's a back from Texas with dreadlocks and a number in the 30s. They even wear the same type facemask. And chances are he will be drafted early in the first round. I dont know whether wish for the phins to draft him or avoid him like th plague. I guess he'll be fine, as long as he doesn't pose on the cover of a magazine in a wedding dress.

sorry for the misspellings... its very late where I am...