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11-14-2004, 08:16 PM
Well this weakend was a advenchur if i ever had won. i did some grate stuf and i got pics of it all.

lets start with friday nite i went out two hannah city in one of my stunt cars and did some swerves and then i got the ramp out of my trunk and tryed to jump a ditch: well the ramp broak and i just slid into the ditch: i got out of the car and hid: someone called emergancy or somthing and they came: they never new it was me becaus none of my stunt cars have plates: i thout this pic was grate becaus there looking for someone inside::D

i had a frend take this pic: i found this car abandenned in the country and i fixed it up: now i jump stuff in it: in this pic im jumping a brij in the country: i went over a steap area and i couldve got hurt if i had missed the other side but i didnt: yet another reeson why hollywood shood make me a actchin star::D

i desided i wood go stay at a hotel on saturday nite just for fun so i did: well wen i got their i see this kid who looks like a little punc staying in the room acros from me: so i desided i wood get him in truble: i waited for about midnite and then i called the poleece and sayed he was trying too look in my door and spy on me: i told them that i walk around naked in my room (witch i do) and that this kid was trying two watch me as i was bein naked: well two poleases came and they arrested him:

so Im walking driving down the street this morning and this guy flicks me off: so i stop my car in the middle of the rode and get out and say {you got somthing to say two me} he just laffed so i went up and punched him: he tryed to fite back but i kept punching him down until he fell: he got up and cryed and said he was sorry: i felt kind of bad about aniyalating him so i took him up to pep boys and baut him a knew car battery: he let me take this pic to prove to peeple that i am tuff:

Got this pic today at my frend Dug's house: this is Dug he is usuelly the one who takes the pics of me doing the stuff in my car: we were just hangin out talking about dale ernhart and other racers and he sed i shood get a pic of him with this demen man who lives next door: they are just playing arownd in this pic: Dug and I went cruzing for women after this pic was taken: we picked up five in 2 hours: thats pretty good but not the best for me: ive beaten that number many times:

Well i ended the day by parashooting: my frend dave has a airplain so i had him fly me over the country and drop me rite above dug who was driving in his convertable: my goal was two land in the convertable: well i did it: dug said he had to spead up because i was way ahead of him: but i did land in the convertable::D

Well after all that i have to rest: i hope you had a good weakend:

John Simmons

11-14-2004, 11:53 PM
John Simmons:hump:

11-15-2004, 04:31 AM
pretty rad weakend

11-16-2004, 06:31 PM
I wish I had a weekend like that.