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11-17-2004, 12:04 PM
What I have to say to an inhabitant of the earth in one hundred years is
similar to what I have to say to the present inhabitants of earth. To be

I wrote a song just a couple of days before getting the request to write
this page that came to mind when the intentions of (and the sentiments
behind) this book were presented to me. The song was about a man living in a
future where millions of people are shot everyday, he (who is not famous) is
mobbed and robbed everyday, and there are good entertainers but people don't
really care about them. This man feels that it is such a gift to be alive,
himself so grateful for every second he has that he cannot understand how
people can waste those seconds complaining. This man thru looking for beauty
in the world, finds plenty. In the movie Pollyanna, she quotes Abe Lincoln
as saying "If you look for the bad in people you are sure to find it". So
look for the good. There are many wonderful things we are given in this life
that we quite naturally take forgranted, but which are tremendous gifts.

To demonstrate my meaning I will suggest other possible lives, worlds, or
dimensions: 1. A world where everyone is pressed up against everyone else
and there is no privacy ever, nor any hope of traveling. 2. A world where
999 of every thousand people at every second are awaiting their next
opportunity to hurt someone else. 3. A world where, when you are alone, you
are also with slimy fast moving monsters who like to enter the holes in your
body and can move in one hole and out another, forcing one to wear
protective gear whenever alone. 4. A world where food is a bunch of little
creatures similar to worms that cannot die, therefore must be eaten alive in
order to sustain life. 5. A world where there are none of the components of
shelter and everyone lives outside year round in harsh weather. 6. A world
where neither memory nor identity exist making it impossible for anyone's
life to get anywhere whatsoever. No one knows who they are.

I am very happy to be alive. There is much fun to be had. Music, movies,
books, paintings, drawings...I hope you have these things where you are. If
you have them, what does the real world matter anyway?

John Frusciante
Red Hot Chili Peppers

11-17-2004, 01:46 PM
I thought this was a PM Dawn song until I saw the bottom.