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11-21-2004, 01:50 AM
Well today was a brake from campaning I needed my rest: I was hoping to get the detales of the convenchin set up: and also do some jumps in the country on my stunt vehacels: well i didnt get to do everything becaus of the ladeebugs in my apartment: there all over and ive ignord it for long enuff so i did somthing about it today:

http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2004/11/ladybuginvasion-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/clear.gif
hears to pics of them inside my apartmint: won is in my bedroom and the other is in my kichen: this is before i took them out: i wanted to tell them that thay werent welcome and to not come back agen so i reely got sereus today: ive been using my bb gun to shoot at them for awhyle now but i hadnt spent two long doing it becaus i had other things to do but today i dedicaited everything to taking out the ladeebugs: i probly spent 7 to 9 hours snyping them from behind my chares and sofas and bed: i killed lots and the ded wons are coteing the floor now but thats better than them cralling on my walls: i saw many of the ladeebugs explode when i shot them but sum of them just dropped after being asasnated:

well tonite sum of my frends and i went down to the illinoy river with bags of ded ladeebugs {that i had shot} and bilt a big fire and burnd them: it was a grate time: just two make shur they woodnt come back i kept throwing cups of gasoleen on the fire: it was cool to watch the flames shute into the air and here the litle demens crackel: the only bad part was wen my frend ted got drunk and was runing arownd the fire and he caut on fire becaus of his long shirt: i pushd him down and saivd him so he didnt get burnd but it cood hav been reely bad:

well everything was going reely good until the cops came: they didnt catch us becaus we hid: thats my frend jayms in the pic hiding from the cops: the poleese came becaus i was throwin C02 cartreges for my paintbal gun into the fire and they make a exploshen when they get reely hot but the exploshen is grate: so anyways i got about five exploded then we here the poleese so i sed {run and hide} and we went into the trees and they coodnt find us it was prety funnie:

this pic is of me and jayms raysing to Peken tonite and then we raysed back to Peorea Hites: i won becaus wen there a was a semitruck coming at us i did a skid under it and jayms just swervd into a ditch dont worry he was alrite but he didnt win the rayse: so far ive won all the rayses and i dont plan to luse any:

well i got back home and i fownd my cats on my bed whear they are every nite: i thout it was weerd that that thay were playin with this white string: i dont no whear they fownd it but im pretty shur that there tryin to get cinkee: like ive sayd before my cats are gay cats so i think dale {the black won} was going to try to ty jef {the tan won} up and wipp him: i got the string away and told them two leeve the bed and they did but they hissd at me: oh well at leest i got my bed back

hears another pic of my cats this is after i kickd them off the bed: thay were fiting about sumthing: they woodnt brake it up so i got out the vacyume cleener and chasd them with it and they stoppd fiting and finely fell aslepe on the cowch: now its safe for bed for me:

well thats basicelly what happend in my life today: i hope you all take care and ill talk to you sumtime soon:

John Simmons

11-21-2004, 02:41 AM
Thanks for keeping us up to date John! I am glad to hear about your day!

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11-21-2004, 06:46 PM
I think I saw your rais on the motorcycles