View Full Version : South Carolina and Clemson will not play in bowl games

11-23-2004, 06:10 PM

I strongly disagree with the decision for many reasons. As a potential Gamecock, I'm not happy that the school is turning down money that they need because of a fight after a Clemson player hit Newton when he was on the ground. You can suspend some players, but punishing the whole team is not fair, especially since they were protecting their teammates. There are seniors on the team who did nothing wrong and deserve to play in a bowl game, and now they won't. Also, it seems like Clemson is just following South Carolina. Tommy Bowden blamed NBA players for the brawl and didn't really seem to want to take responsibility for his player's actions. I bet if SC decided to play in a bowl, Clemson would have also played in one. However, Clemson was pretty much forced into not playing in one, because playing in one while SC isn't would make them look REALLY bad.