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11-23-2004, 11:28 PM
Well this is John Simmons again and this has alredy been a eventfull weak: Ive been doing more campaning and Ive been working and doing other things: Ive got sum pics to show what ive been up to:

lets start with my first qwestion and ansur sesien at my frend daves bilding in the Hites on monday nite: We made flyers to annownse that I wood be taiking qwestions from peple at his bilding: We werent expecting lots of peple but alot came enuff to fill up all the seets and pack the room standing: the sesien lasted about 2 hours and we coverd lots of stuff: this pic is of a guy named mikel asking me a qwestion abowt how the Hites will be better under my leedership this was the first qwestion of the nite: Heres exactly how i responded {mikel thats a grate qwestion you no that the Hites is a grate place we have lots of grate cars and lots of peeple who no about cars hear: i feel that Erl Carter has pushd lots of thees peeple aside to push his ajenda of nonhappyness and depreshen: but i feel that i can change this if you elect me the mayer of Peorea Hites: Im going to start by getting everywon a free oil change at Mineakey: i can do this becaus my brother works their: now lets talk about the narrowing of Prospect Bolevard Erl Carter wants to do this and slow up the Hites now this isnt being the leeder: this is being a evil man and I feel i have to fite the evil: and he also wants to put in a stachyou of Tom Rosevelt on a horse: wrong agen Mr. Carter: Wen Im elected the mayer i wont touch the bolevard ill just up the speed limit to 75 miles per howr: ill also taik that woodpeker off the tower and put a stachyou of Dale Ernhart up their on the side: to me this is what the hites need:}
After I said all this sum peeple got up and left probly to get in line first for those oil changes but Mineakey was closed so they missd out witch i thouht was funny:

well i after i finishd the sesien everywon got up and clappd: they wanted me two sine autografs so i did: i was really happy at this moment becaus i new that the peopel wanted me two be the mayer of the Hites so we will just see how long Erl lasts wen the electchin gets here:

this woman was in the front row and she askd me back to her place: well i desided why not so i went to her howse and spent the nite there after she watchd me do some stunts on my motorcycle: she sayd it was won of the best speaches she had ever seen and she was also impressd by the tricks on the motorcycle:

this is me doing a stunt in a parking lot by her howse: i looked over and she was standing by dug and looking at me and i saw her loosen her shirt a litle: she smyld and i cood tell she was into me and she wanted me two hurry up and get done with the stunts so we cood get back two her place but dug had a few more shots left so we felt we shood taik them:

dug and ruth (thats her name) told me to do sumthing i had never done before for a pic: well i was having troubel thinking of what i cood do then i rememberd a show i had seen the nite before abowt a man who cood breeth fire so i told dug to find me a stick and i got some gasolean out of my motorcycle and pulld the matches out of my pockit: ruth sayd {dont do that John thats not what i ment} i laffd and told her two watch: so dug gets the camera redy and i put the gasolean in my mouth and lit the stick on fire: i held up the stick and spitted gasolean past it into the air and their was great fire in the air: dug sayd it reminded him of Godzila:

well after this pic dug went home and said we wood take the last pic tomorrow and me and ruth went to her place and had sex on the cowch:

so this morning dug calls me and asks if id be intrested in doing another parashoot jump but this time out of a car: so i sayd yeah of course and i calld a few frends and my frend dave took us up dragging won of my stunt cars and droppd us over the country: it was alot of fun and dug got a grate pic from the airplain: i did a grate landing in a feeld: the car land a little ways away:

the car exploded on impackt and and was destroyd: i got reel close and took this pic: it was a good stunt car but i was glad to see it go out this way {the ultimit stunt}: i stil cant beleeve we did this it was grate experiense and where going to do it agen but were plannin on jumping out of a bus next time over the Illnoy River and then swim to the shoar:

Well thats all for now: I hope to talk to you very soon. Take Care

John Simmons

Noodle Arm
11-24-2004, 12:41 AM
Ruth is pretty...way to go John Simmons!

Any popularity polls to see how you're doing with the voters??

11-24-2004, 12:50 AM
I can't believe you started breathing fire dude!! I wouldn't know how to do that!!

11-24-2004, 01:03 AM
John, i think youre forgetting the most important thing.
I'm officially 21 years old.

11-25-2004, 02:47 PM
Happy thanksgiving John, happy birthday mick

11-26-2004, 10:27 AM