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11-25-2004, 12:23 AM
I need some input. Would you make this trade?

Dominick Davis and Javon Walker


LaDainian Tomlinson and Randy Moss

11-25-2004, 01:08 AM
That is a toughy.

Walker is the man. Davis is a bust. Moss is comming back (strong). LT is the freakin man.

Make the trade...

11-25-2004, 02:44 AM

11-25-2004, 03:29 AM
Yeah, trade that for sure.

Whoever is offering that for J. Walker and D. Davis deserves to get burned.

11-25-2004, 11:05 AM
It's actually a three team trade. Team 1 (me) gets Tomlinson from Team 2 and Moss from Team 3.

Team 2 gets Walker from Team 1 and Onterrio Smith from Team 3.

Team 3 gets Davis from Team 1 and Driver from Team 2.

I think I have the highest upside of anyone but Moss still being hurt scares me.

Thanks for the input, guys.

11-27-2004, 05:35 PM
Don't be scared about Moss. Tice is underplaying that Moss is ready to go like he did when Moss was hurt but this time to get opposite results.