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12-03-2004, 11:22 PM
Hey this is John Simmons again its been a little while sense i posted hear last but im back with pics from what ive been up two lately: ive been busy with work and was plowing streats and stuff two make a little extra to by chrismas gifts for my women: anyways hears the pics:

well so last wednsday nite "november 24" i attacthd a snowplow to won of my stunt cars and went out plowin snow for peopel in the town: well i desided to see how fast i cood get going with the plow on my car {peopel were watching and i wanted to show them that i was capeible of getting the job done} so i get up to 80 and the car starts smoking: i desided to make the best of it so i qwit pressing the brake and just did sum swerves: i did a big swerv at the end witch landed me in the ditch: it was a grate swerve and this guy came up to me and askd me how i did it and i told him {it was the plow and the spede}: he oferd to call the toe truck but i said no i cood get it so i got back in the car and put into nuteral and pushd it to the end of the ditch and two the first driveway wear i was able to get it back out: you shood of sene his face then i got driving agen and kept plowing for the peopel:

well i got home that nite and my hare was kind of messd up so won of my girlfrends says {john let me fix yore hare for you}: so i let her do it of corse and she stratened it and tyed it for me: i put on my hat to keep my hare under control for that nite: ive been waring my hare like this fore a little whyl to kepe her satisfyed: my other girlfrends like it two so its working out grate:

so the next morning "thanksgiving" i deside to go over the ForistPark Nachur Senter and look for a Chrismas tree: well wen im on the trale this guy coms down on his bike: i qwickly hid behind a tree so he woodnt see me and i started making bare noises: he got off his bike and sed {whos there}: i sed {run or die} in a demen voise and he got back on the bike and rode off: i got this pic rite after i got behind the tree you can tel he doesnt no whats abowt to happen:

well won of the ranjers at forest park cawt me with a saw trying to cut down a tree and he kickd me out: so today i desided i wood look for sum tree farms and i found won out in the country: i desided i wasnt going to pay for the tree i was going to jump the fens arownd the farm and steel won: so i drove arownd and fownd a spot wear theyd never see me: i got on my cb radio and got dug and told him to get up to wear i was: i had won of my stunt cars "a former racing won" with me and dug and i got out the ramp: i then jumpd the fens: this a pic taken by dug of me landing the jump:

i qwickly got out of the car and measurd the tree it was two big for my apartment but i desided i cood just cut some of the top off when i got home: i got rope and tyed it two the top of my car and drove back towards the fens fastlee: i saw that dug didnt bring a extra ramp for me to jump back over so i had to go thru the fens this time and i did it: the car kind of got beet up but i fixed it tonite:

well tonite i was invited to a erly chrismas party at my frends autoshop and it was fun: we had sum girls come by and danse for us and i took a few home: but unforchunetly their was a fite between Bil and Tim over the beer and they got kickd out by ted "my frend who owns the shop": before i cood get home with them i had two fix my car so i did this after the party: the girls watchd me and were impressd: i fixd the damajes in about 15 minuts:

well i took the women out to a club first and we got to no each other and thats wen i had them pose for this:they were all grabbing at me and whispring {John lets get back to yore place}: i sed {ok lets get going} and we left the club: my car didnt have enuf room so won of the girls had to ride in the trunk but she didnt care:

well we get back to the house and we desided to play a game calld smoke: the game is abowt smokeing lots of cigarets: they sayd they coodnt smoke much tho: they only smokd three eech: this pic is of how much i smoked in 45 minutes: i won the contest: i desided to call dug over and let him in on the fun becaus id get worn out with the fore women: they liked dug two but not as much as me and the wons that went in the room with dug were kind of disipointed and said two me {be with me next time John} so i will be: that will be tomorro nite: i just droppd the girls back off at home

Well im worn out and I need to sleep: i no its erly but i plan on tommoro being a big day and nite so i better get rested: Ill talk two you soon:

John Simmons

12-04-2004, 05:59 AM
i hear that man, i though't youd have a bigger thanksgiving break with some stunts and stuff by i guees that makes cents. You need a break and stuff from impressining everyone. It happens. Did you give up on being elected and stuff?

Noodle Arm
12-04-2004, 11:52 AM
Good work John Simmons. Those ladies were quite nice...especially the one on the right. You are a god among men.