View Full Version : Pat Williams

12-07-2004, 07:24 AM
How many of you fellow fin fans started laughing when Pat Williams was rumbling down the sideline? Our season has been so pathetic that I was cracking up, the Page 2 guy had this to say about williams...

And Williams? Well, let's just say the sight of a 313-pound Buffalo defensive tackle picking A.J. Feeley and rumbling in from 20 yards out was one of my favorite NFL moments of the year. It was another Hangover/DirecTV Perfect Storm -- switching over to that game at the precise moment the play occurred. If you saw it live, you heard the comedy: the sheer, pure sound of the THUD of the ball hitting the paw, then the gut, of a man listed at 313 but easily going 330, at the least.

It was a THUD. Nothing more, nothing less. The THUD of pigskin hitting layers of lard. It sounded like December football, even in Miami.

That Williams himself said he was laughing as he rambled to the goal line is one thing. That Bills coach Mike Mularkey was openly howling with laughter as Williams crossed the goal line is another. It proves, pure and simple: Not much funnier in the NFL than one-sixth of a ton of humanity with a ball in its hands.

As an aside, the Buffalo Bills are fast becoming a Hangover Favorite. I'm considering officially adopting them.