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12-15-2004, 10:44 PM
Where you at X?!?!
I know you saw this game!
Dwyane Wade took over that 4th quarter.
Too bad he missed that FT or else he wouldve had 30.
Oh well, ever since Van Ron Jeremy Gundy replaced Eddie Jones with Damon Jones we've won 6 straight.
Right now, the heat are running on all cylinders.
Shaq didnt have a strong game but Wade picked him up just like Shaq did the prior game.
Can you feel the Heat down in your soul?!
Miami Heat:hump:

12-15-2004, 10:57 PM
As long as the Heat are on Sunshine Network, I'm here. ;)

Oh man, the guy is amazing. When Dwyane Wade misses a shot, he gets right back to the ball, grabs the offensive board, and finishes. It's almost certain everytime he misses an inside shot.

I was very, very happy to see this team hold onto that 1-point lead when Shaq fouled out and left Haywood at the FT line.

As much as Wade killed it tonight, hats off to Damon Jones. We're 6-0 with him in the starting line-up, and the guy has been averaging about 18 points, 5 assists, and 5 boards with 1 TO since starting. This guy is a hell of a player and what can we say about his 3-point shot? He showed tonight yet again that he can do more than shoot the 3-ball. He had a few nice drives, including one on Arenas that I thought for sure was Wade!

Also, I want to give props to Rasual Butler. Ever since being benched, he has went up for double-digit scoring in 5/6 or 6/7(I forgot) games. He's that spark we need off the bench. Laettner had 3 blocks tonight, including a block on Jamison with 15 secs left. Jamison makes the shot, it's tied. Laettner to the rescue! :lol:

Anyways, Heat 17-7...up 3 games on the Wiz & 2.5 on Orlando who is losing right now.


12-15-2004, 11:01 PM
No surprise to me....Wade is the Truth..and to think they say Shaq is dead in the water...HA!

BTW what did EJ do tonite?

12-15-2004, 11:03 PM
BTW what did EJ do tonite?

EJ came out colder than it was this morning, but he rebounded quickly and hit a triple and a couple of jumpers. He had 9 points at the half, then came out in the 3rd with 2 quick fouls(which gave him 4)...wierd enough, we never heard from him again. That was his 21 minutes. :confused:

I actually thought EJ would've made things a lot easier for us tonight. We were in desperate need of another shooter, especially when DJ got a rest. When you see a time out called and Stan draws out a play to open some space up for a Keyon Dooling spot up triple...you know something ain't right. :D

12-15-2004, 11:05 PM
Yeah, mad props to Laettner.
If it isnt for that block we dont win.
Oh and heres the link to the NBA All-Star Ballot:

12-15-2004, 11:06 PM
true..you know the more i hear about the Rose trade the more split i get.

Jalens O vs Eddies D
Jalens 'tude vs Eddies 'ship?

I dont know

12-15-2004, 11:13 PM
If Damon Jones isn't starting, there is no need. However, Jalen's a true SF.

Take your pick:

1-Jones, Dooling
2-Wade, Person
3-Jones, Butler
4-Haslem, Laettner
5-O'Neal, Doleac


1-Jones, Dooling
2-Wade, Person
3-Rose, Butler
4-Haslem, Laettner
5-O'Neal, Doleac

Personally, I don't think twice before taking #2. With Jalen, we'd have 4 excellent scorers, really. Damon Jones is really coming on as a consistent 15 a night guy. Also, for any fans of last year's team...things looked so much easier on the floor because we had 3 guys in that starting line-up who could handle the ball(Wade, CB, LO), and when Alston came in for Jones, it was instantly 4. This year's team, we really only have 3 players on the entire roster who can handle the ball, and all 3 are never in at the same time. Jalen is an excellent player at handling the ball. He's a point-forward.

12-15-2004, 11:16 PM
#2 is a no-brainer