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01-29-2005, 03:28 PM
What's up everyone? I go on this site often but this is my first thread.
I'm a Die Hard FinFan from NY, living this Pats nightmare first hand. (At least its not the Jets or Bills though) Let me summarize my views before I comment on other threads....

Always hated Wanny and believe he was the worst thing that ever happened for the franchise. He should have brought the team close, at least, to the SB during his time.
Knew fielder never had the skills to take us anywhere,though at times he did show the heart.
Thank Ricky for not showing up this season so Wanny was history, though I wish I didn't spend $75 to get his autograph before he did.
Hope Feeley can become the man and we didn't waste a 2nd draft pick.
Think Saban was the best thing to happen for us in a long time.
Wish the people in Miami were as diehard as in other states so they can become a factor against opposing teams. Not ask me to sit down when I actually make it to a game and cheer.

I love this site and had to join b/c I wanted to comment. Just remember boys (and girls) were on the same side. Save your anger for the rest of the AFC east.