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02-03-2005, 02:13 PM
Hi all,

I'm new to this website and I'm glad I found it. I'm a big Dolphins fan, but I'm moving, going to school, and could use some extra money. So, my loss could be your gain.

I've been collecting Dolphins stuff off the internet and from family in South Florida for 10 years now, and it's time for some of the stuff to find a new home.

The best thing I have that I'm willing to part with is a Dan Marino Autographed Plaque complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. I have 2 pictures if anyone wants to see it but they were taken with a crappy digital camera (I’m waiting for my other camera to be returned, hopefully today or tomorrow). It is a beautiful plaque in perfect condition. It's even been dusted regularly too!

I figured I would start to try to sell things on here to real Dolphins fan rather than go on Ebay. Or if the Bills fans want to burn it to keep warm, as long as they pay me in cash. :)

I know I'm new here, and you may not trust me, so I'm including a reference: my Ebay account. My ID on there is dm6683. I have a feedback rating of 100% with over 280 positive feedbacks. I'd say I could be trusted. If anyone is interested in any of this stuff, let me know and I can get pictures of this stuff by this evening (at least a preliminary picture with the 2 mega pixel digital camera) Here’s the list I have come up with so far:

Miami Dolphins clock. Orange border with Dolphins logo in the center. Great condition, only a few years old. I haven't used it in a few years, but all it needs in 1 AA battery.

2. Dan Marino autographed plaque. Full Size plaque, sealed in 8X10 picture that is autographed with Certificate of Authenticity. Perfect condition, it's a beautiful plaque. Here is a picture of the plaque (pardon the flash and the bad camera): http://www.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc222&image=b65_pict0002.JPG

3. Starting Lineup figures: Dan Marino-Bob Griese combo. I don't remember what they called the set that it's in, but it is 2 figures in the package, 1 of Marino and 1 of Griese. Perfect condition, still in the package.

4. Dan Marino plaque. Not as big as the autographed one, and not autographed either. Perfect condition with a nice picture and name plate.

5. Miami Dolphins wall hanging banner. Not too sure how to describe it, but I have it on my wall right now. I didn't measure it, but I would say it's a little longer than 3 feet and about 18" wide, if not wider. Made of a heavy duty cloth.
6. Dan Marino hand painted bobblehead. About a foot tall, really cute bobblehead. Only came out of the package once, but went right back in and has stayed there since.

7. Miami Dolphins football. Official size football, 2 of the panels are pigskin color, 2 of the panels are white. One of the white panels is blank, the other has Miami Dolphins written on it with the years they won the division, conference, and Super Bowl. I bought it a couple of years ago to get autographs on, but that never happened.

8. Assorted Miami Dolphins players cards. From Marino, to Chambers, to Seau, to Thomas, the list goes on.

9. "Are You Ready For Some Football?" Figure. Never came out of the box, but if you open it and put batteries in it and press the button, the guy dances around to Hank Williams Jr. singing "Are You Ready For Some Football?" Around 18”-24” tall.

10. Dan Marino reversible Jersey, size 48. It is thicker than a regular jersey, mostly because it is 2 jerseys in 1. It is the old Dolphins logo. Screenprinted numbers and letters, aqua is one option, turn it inside out and you've got a white jersey. It shows a little wear, but it is still definitely in wearable condition. It's a really awesome jersey.

11. Hall of Fame Enshrinement tickets. 2 in Level N, Section 3, Row A.

Thanks for your time, please let me know if you’re interested in anything here.

02-05-2005, 10:35 PM
Post around how much you are looking for some of the stuff and maybe I will be interested.

02-06-2005, 01:02 AM
Make me an offer. Any reasonable offer for anything here will not be refused. PM me the offers so it won't look like a bidding war.

02-08-2005, 04:19 AM
dude, turn this into fin-bay...