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Clark Kent
02-19-2005, 11:50 PM
There will be trades during the draft, just not in this mock. ).
Based on information currently available at 2/19/05, subject to change.
* Updated with recent news of trades and franchise tags.

There will be trades during the draft, just not in this mock.

1 San Fran. Aaron Rodgers QB- Starting QB are Dorsey and Rattay...

2 Miami. Cedric Benson RB- Dolphins need a back, and he’s a beast. He’ll be able to give Miami a threat again, and help AJ out.

3 Cleveland. Alex Smith QB- New coach, same old QBs on this roster... None of them can get it done, Time to go for a QB who is very Smart, Mobile, and Accurate. Will need some time to adjust to a pro offense.

4 Chicago. Braylon Edwards WR- Bears have no weapons for Grossman and it’s time to get the WR with playmaking ability.

5 Tampa. Cadillac Williams RB- Gruden loves the Cadillac, and he will make a team with no RB support better right away.

6. Titans. Mike Williams WR- Norm Chow is in Tennessee running the show. Mason is gone, and Calico being gone all last year. Chow reunites with Williams... and It feels so good.

7 Minnesota. Derrick Johnson OLB- The Vikings need defensive as usual and Derrick Johnson will become a star for this team and set the tone for this defense.

8 Arizona. Pac-Man Jones CB- Travis Henry is on the way, and the CB spot is occupied with a bunch of backups. Pac-Man is the best cover corner in this draft.

9 Washington. Erasmus James DE- The skins DE are old and not good. The biggest weakness on D is the defensive line, James gives them a huge boost.

10 Detroit. Thomas Davis SS- The lions Brian Walker (starter) was cut leaving a position to be filled by the best S in this draft. Davis is a force and IMO will be defensive rookie of the year.

11 Dallas. Marcus Spears DE- Dallas is switching to the 3-4 where Marcus Spears is sure to shine. A clone of Richard Seymour who attack the QB and stop the run.

12 San Diego. Alex Barron OT- Oben has been in the league 10 years (when the season starts) and he doesn’t have much left. Time to find a replacement.

13 Houston. Dan Cody OLB- Wong is on the decline and hasn’t really produced. Had a decent season, but it’s time to add to a young and improving defense.

14 Carolina. Ronnie Brown RB- Stephen Davis doesn’t have much left, and Foster couldn’t stay healthy to save his life.

15 Kansas City. Antrel Rolle CB- The starting secondary had 4 INT... And Warfield had all four. Do you want more?

16. New Orleans. Travis Johnson DT- Will give them one of the best defensive lines in football.

17. Cincinnati. Anttaj Hawthorne DT- They too will complete a very good defensive line and start playing Marvin Lewis defense.

18. Oakland. Shawne Merriman OLB- The Raiders went to the 3-4 last year and it sucked to say the least. Merriman is pass rushing terror that the Raiders need to do damage with their 3-4.

19. St. Louis. Jamal Brown OT- Turley is leaving before he kills his coach... Literally, and they struggled all year long with that line.

20. Dallas from Buffalo. Darryl Blackstock OLB- A great pass rushing monster and has experience in the 3-4 at OLB in Virginia.

21. Jacksonville. David Pollack DE- Cut both their starting defensive ends at the start last year, pretty obvious where they’re heading. Pollack comes from a school who’s produced great talent on D as of late.

22. Baltimore. Troy Williamson WR- Will need to adjust to the passing onslaught that is the Ravens offense. Speed to be a threat deep, but needs to refine his route running. Reminds me of Reggie Williams.

23. Seattle. Channing Chowder MLB- The defense is garbage and broke down all last year. Chowder is athletic and very talented. Injury issues and expirece may be a concern.

24. Green Bay. Justin Tuck DE- The team has a lot of holes, and there DE issue needs help. KGB is a pass rushing specialist, and they could use more of that and someone to assist the run.

25. Denver. Heath Miller TE- Broncos couldn’t replace Shannon Sharpe and their offense has to give Plummer a few weapons.

26. NY Jets. Shuan Cody DT- Jason Ferguson is a FA, and even if he does re-sign he’s been in the NFL awhile. Their defense is getting better, and can only improve.

27. Atlanta. Brodney Pool FS- Need some secondary help, and he’s the most complete S in the draft with the ability to help in the run, and lend support to the pass.

28. San Diego. Roddy White WR- San Diego will probably look at a WR in FA, but they still need help regardless.

29. Indianapolis. Carlos Rodgers CB- There CB are backups at best. Rodgers is talented and provides relief right away.

30. Pittsburgh. Catrick Fason RB- Deuce is old, Bettis might be retire, what choice do they have?

31. Philadelphia. Mark Clayton WR- Philly needs someone to compliment TO. Once in the open field he does damage.

32. New England. Justin Miller CB- Ty Law is as good as gone, time to add to that secondary which somehow made it through the season in one piece.

02-22-2005, 05:13 AM
No way in hell Ronnie Brown falls to 30. I also dont think that Rolle will go before PacMan but that is more of an opinion.

Clark Kent
02-22-2005, 09:09 PM
No way in hell Ronnie Brown falls to 30. I also dont think that Rolle will go before PacMan but that is more of an opinion. Pac-Man is the better cover corner, but repots say Tennesee is very interested.

As for Brown... things have changed with the tags, plus I messed up Carolina's pick. They don't run the 3-4 (why would they, they have the best Dline in football). Cody isn't a 4-3 OLB. They might take a RB because Davis is old, and Foster can't stay healthy and missed 2 full seasons pretty much.

I think the RB go to...

Miami- Benson, for obvious reasons
Tampa- Cadillac, Gruden has fallen in love with him.
Panthers- Ronnie Brown

If the Panthers go OT, who's taking Brown? There's a real possibility he goes pretty late, just like Kevin Jones who might have dropped into the 2nd had it not been for Detriot trading for a late 1st.

03-07-2005, 04:24 PM
Boo benson, we want brown

03-22-2005, 01:42 AM
Boo benson, we want brown
I want benson, don't worry about his speed, he's quick.

04-10-2005, 05:27 PM
I am absolutly ecstatic over my pick:rawk: