View Full Version : Many reasons why ex-Auburn star is draft's best back

03-01-2005, 01:37 PM
Thanks to Maurice Clarett, one of the most impressive performers at last weekend's NFL Scouting Combine didn't get his proper recognition. I'm speaking of Auburn's Ronnie Brown. While Clarett was running two 40-yard dashes with the sluggishness of a man who just had left a post-Oscars party, Brown was doing what he's always done -- showing up, putting his work in and dazzling everyone with his myriad skills.

I bring up Brown because it's about time more people started talking about him. He spent most of his college career playing second fiddle to his good friend Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, but now he's finally snatching the spotlight for himself. After Brown clocked two scintillating 40-yard dash times in Indianapolis (one officially was at 4.46 while another, unofficially, came in at 4.32), the buzz coming out of the Combine was Brown may be the best all-around running back in this year's draft. It's a fair argument. In today's NFL, a 6-foot, 233-pounder with his speed and versatility would be quite a prize.