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09-26-2002, 07:52 PM
The Fantasy Feeling: Week 4

Grab These Guys Now:
Clinton Portis – If Portis is out there in your league, for whatever the reason, pick him up. It seems like Portis will now be getting more and more time after his great performance last week and with the recent injury to Griese, they will probably run a little more.

Jamal Anderson – This is an interesting one. But, according to sportsline.com, the Giants and the Patriots are showing a lot of interest in him and he could be signed any day. If that’s the case, he may be worth stashing as an injury to either starting tailback and he could put up solid numbers.

Gary Anderson – Don’t worry about only 2 extra points last week for Anderson and don’t worry about Moss and his little arrest. He’s gonna play and it doesn’t matter what he did, he’s still good. The Vikings will put up points all year long. Getting their kicker may be a good idea.

Shaun Alexander – I’m sure, as most of you know, I have been very high on the Seahawks and Alexander since pre-season. And, right now, I admit, it seems I’ve made a pretty big mistake. But, Alexander can’t be much worse than he was last year. He never got hurt and he isn’t old, he’s just struggling. I’m sure some leagues have a moron who dropped him so snatch him up before he breaks out and you lose out.

Antonio Freeman – If last week’s performance didn’t prove that Freeman is capable of putting up numbers like he used to in Green Bay, I don’t know what will. McNabb is not Favre, but he is still great. Freeman isn’t over the hill yet.

Patrick Ramsey - There are many rumors that Ramsey will start the Redskins’ next game. If he does and becomes the regular starter, pick him up. Even bad quarterbacks like Shane Matthews put up great numbers in Spurrier’s system so Ramsey should too.

Dump These Guys Now:
Shane Matthews – The fact is, this guy is just hurt too much. Although Spurrier loves changing quarterbacks, I gotta think that Wuerffel and Ramsey have the upper edge now because of Matthews’ injury problems.

Kelly Holcomb – Although he put up good numbers while he played, Couch is back and that means Holcomb won’t play at all until Couch gets hurt again. He’s a Cleveland quarterback and you shouldn’t keep Cleveland backups. The only backup QB’s worth keeping are the Rams’ Jamie Martin and any other quarterback of a high powered offense.

Vinny Testaverde – If last week’s performance didn’t prove to you that the Jets’ offense is a total disaster, I have no idea what will. This offense has no help and now there is word that they are going to play Curtis Martin less so that he will stay healthy. Until the Jets start scoring points, forget about Vinny.

Start ‘Em:
Shaun Alexander – Alright, now it’s three weeks in a row that I’ve messed up with this guy. But, I’m still sticking with him. The Vikings are so bad on the run defense, they gave up 160+ yards to Lamar Smith. Now, with the Panthers o-line, we all know that the performance by the Vikings last week was pathetic. The Seahawks are the much better team in this game and they should win it. If they win, they will win on the back of Alexander. Trust me, he will bust out one of these days.

Philadelphia’s Defense – The Texans suck. Everyone knows that. Philly’s defense has been superb all year and with the Texans coming to town, it should only look better. Here’s to a shutout by Philly and another 4 touchdown game for Donovan McNabb.

Chris Chambers – He’s been a little slow this weekend. But, this week he gets to run deep on the Chiefs’ weak secondary. Chambers should get 100+ yards and a touchdown this week unless the Dolphins jump on them early and run the ball the rest of the game.

Bench ‘Em:
Curtis Conway – Conway has been pretty good this year but he faces a real good Patriots secondary this week. I don’t expect him or anyone involved in the Chargers passing game to have a good game this weekend. So unless you have no decent backup, keep him on the bench.

Troy Brown – Brown has a 16 catch game this season. I doubt he will get even half as many this week in San Diego. As I said last week, the Chargers are now part of the NFL’s elite defenses as their secondary has been almost impossible to throw on this year. If you have a solid backup, I would bench Brady as well.

Ernie Conwell – Conwell is a decent player and he plays for St. Louis but right now, the Rams o-line is terrible. I’m starting to think that Conwell will not be running as many patterns as usual this week and will start blocking more to help that o-line out.

Trung Canidate – Most people will start him this week if Marshall Faulk chooses not to play. However, according to Mike Martz, he has said this week that Lamar Gordon will get the start if Faulk can’t go. Canidate is basically worthless now.

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I'll be nice and let this stay here. :)

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Yea... lmao... there is this unwritten rule that writers of FinHeaven can post their articles here... ;)

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Sounds like a good rule.

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Troy Brown probably isn't playing anyways, he's hurt.

09-29-2002, 09:59 PM
I think I was finally right about Shaun Alexander. 190 combined yards and 4 TD's, and we aren't even at halftime yet. I think I may set the record for most points in a week this week in my fantasy league. I had Tony Gonzalez today also.