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fin fan 808
09-28-2002, 02:17 AM
Who should i pick? The picks may look stupid but the way the point system is there score good points.
3gp Carolina ppg 9.3 spg 4.1 intpg 2.3 ffrpg 1.3 tdstot 1 = 16fppg.

3gp Denver ppg 17.1 spg 3.0 intpg .666 ffrpg 1.0 td 1 = 10fppg.

3gp Tenn ppg 23.1 spg 3.1 intpg 1.0 ffrpg 1.3 td 1 = 9fppg.

3gp Dall ppg 24.2 spg 4.0 intpg .666 ffrpg .666 td 1 = 8fppg.

2gp Indy ppg 24.1 spg 3.0 intpg 1.5 ffrpg 1.0 td 1 = 9fppg.

As you can see Carolina is the clear favorite, but could it be that easy. So pick one of the teams and give me your reason for picking that team.
Thanks :rolleyes: :lol: :lol: :cool:

09-28-2002, 01:13 PM
check this out man. ill give you a good thing here. if you have to trade every week to get either of these 2 teams then do it because its worth it.

get any of the teams that are playing the texans, cowboys or even the bengals because they got the worst offence and ive been playing with the defences against them these past weeks and i did pretty good which each team.

so this week either get <b>eagles, rams or bucs</b> those 3 teams you should try to get for tomorrow.