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04-27-2005, 01:49 AM

As a follow-up to our story from earlier on Tuesday regarding some harsh opinions as to Bills G.M. Tom Donahoe, we're now hearing that the Arizona Cardinals are unhappy with the manner in which Donahoe has handled the potential trade of tailback Travis Henry.

Per a league source, Donahoe "totally screwed up the deal." Apparently, Arizona was offering tackle L.J. Shelton and a flip-flop of second-round picks. During those discussions, Donahoe "was swearing up and down that he had offers from . . . Philadelphia and Tampa Bay . . . for straight third-round picks."

So "the Cardinals called [Donahoe's] bluff and both the Bucs and Eagles took [running backs] in the draft."

Per the source, Donahoe "lost all credibility with [the Cardinals] when he pulled that crap. He never once said he didn't like [Shelton], he just said he had better offers."

Since the draft, Donahoe has suggested that the Bills never wanted Shelton.

As a result, the Cardinals were chuckling when Donahoe was left holding the bag, and the source says that we can now add one more organization "to the list of teams that know [Donahoe] is full of sh-t."


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04-27-2005, 01:58 AM

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