View Full Version : 989 Nba Psp Internet Play

05-24-2005, 10:47 PM
I just bought a PSP and the 989 NBA Game. My friend did the same thing and we can't figure out how to get the connection working. We both created a profile and then it asks for the connection name which we did. Then it asks for our SSID. We Don't know what that is does anyone know where i can find this out at? Then it asks us if its WEP or none? I don't know which to choose there either. Me and my friend play on Ad-Hoc mode when we are int he same room but would like to play house to house because its so much more fun then playing against AI. I have regular intnert but my dad has a laptop which has wireless internet so i can use his internet for the wireless connection but how do i find out hte SSID and the oher things? THANK YOU SO MUCH