View Full Version : McNabb says Owens won't hold out

06-02-2005, 09:43 PM
Though he was unwilling to reveal details of the discussion, McNabb predicted Owens will report to training camp. Owens has been holding out of offseason minicamps because he wants to renegotiate the seven-year deal he signed in March 2004.
"He will be at camp. Now if he shows up to camp, he shows up. If he doesn't, hey, I'm just telling you my opinion," McNabb said Thursday after the second day of passing camp.
McNabb probably is basing that opinion on the recent conversation he had with Owens. But he wouldn't say which player made the phone call. My prediction was that Terrell Owens would not hold out this season, but I had no idea it could possibly be this soon before Training Camp. Well with TO, my playoff prediction (in my profile) stands thus far in June with Phily and KC. But it's June the slowest month of the year for football, I'll probably change it 20 times by July. :goof: