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mercury 40
06-12-2005, 10:34 PM
Does anyone else get sick of the type of tv shows that the networks air nowdays? I am and i wish like hell they would put on more tv shows like home improvement or according to jim . these reality shows bit the big one and can recall great shows like hill street blues, mash , good times , and other shows hope and faith on abc on friday nights is crazy but is ok but whatever happen to having some good choices at least on tues and friday nights and now i cant watch monday night football and i dont have cable and a good antana .
point of this thread ,is maybe i should make a movie based on last season's performance by the dolphins so here is some titles that i think i would name my show.
1. one day he's here, one day he's gone
2. coach w and mutant ninja qb
3. as the interceptions turn
4. lonesome jay
5. steroides, guns, and sex in the nfl
6. mercury 40 goes to washington
7 the wizinator
8. the return of the hair spray warden.
9. wkrp in in nyc
10. revenge of mr. pornstache.

i am trying to think of some good titles that would be hillarious. i am actually poking fun of the nfl here so does anyone know of some good shows or titles ?

06-12-2005, 11:29 PM
Jay Jay the Jet Plane
Bills Fans do the darndest things
Snow Job