View Full Version : Byroan's Fin Heaven Yahoo! Fantasy League

06-17-2005, 09:48 PM
I created this thread for those in my fantasy league on Yahoo. Right now we're discussing whether or not to upgrade to a plus league.

If you guys haven't noticed, there's a option for us to upgrade to a Plus league. The price for that is just under $9 a person for our league. If you look at what the price is for everything else, you'll see that it's a great value. The best thing to have is the StatTracker. It updates the stats and points live during the games. That alone is 9.99

If everyone was interested in upgrading to a plus league, we could all chip in $9 and upgrade. It's up to you guys, we would have to have all 14 other league members agree to it.

Here's a few features for a Plus league.

Championship prize for league winners
Includes StatTrackerâ„¢, wireless access, expert analysis and more

I think it would be nice to upgrade. This way we know everyone will be active because they paid to play.

Voted yes on upgrade