View Full Version : Latest BCS Poll....Miami still #2 but closer to Nebraska

11-19-2001, 04:15 PM
1 Nebraska
2 Miami (Fla.)
3 Oklahoma
4 Florida
5 Oregon
6 Texas
7 Tennessee
8 Illinois
9 Stanford
10 Michigan
11 Washington
12 Maryland
13 Brigham Young
14 Washington State
15 Colorado

Full stats:


11-19-2001, 04:24 PM
Closer to Nebraska and further from #3 Oklahomo's. I'm lovin it.:D Time for the Huskies to get a long overdue ass-whuppin from the Canes. Payback for last year.:evil:

11-20-2001, 01:41 AM
I'm a die hard FSU fan, as well as a college football fan in general(We'll be back next year:). Of course I don't like the canes. They just better not take the huskies lightly. I'm sure cane fans remember what happened last year when they traveled to washington.

11-22-2001, 01:51 PM
just as long as the canes stay at number 2, then we know the rose bowl is a sure thing. whoever they play, they'll win! :D

11-23-2001, 09:26 PM
i don't see how they can't be. hang the weaker schedule and i think they'll kill washington tomorrow! :D