View Full Version : Late heads up....

06-27-2005, 04:18 AM
It's been a while since I was last regularly active on FH....shame on me, but there's a review i've been meaning to give. It's on Ubisoft's "Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30". This game combines great WWII FPS action and environments with the squad leadership alot like Full Spectrum Warrior. This IMO, is the best of the best in the WWII market, followed by Call of Duty and coming in last would be any one in the Medal of Honor series.

The reason I detest MoH is that WWII was fought in the trenches with fellow soldiers. In MoH you're often on your own fighting completely unrealistic battles. It bothers me deeply. Call of Duty is right up there with Brothers In Arms. The opening sequence in CoD, where your comrads are falling around you, is a far more accurate portrayal than anything MoH has ever concieved. BIA gets the nod because of the Full Spectrum element (FSW is another one of my top favorite realistic combat games...very innovative) and the equal gameplay to that of CoD. :up: