View Full Version : Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Questions

06-30-2005, 06:08 PM
I was just wondering if anyone else has this game if they can tell me if there is a Ferrari in it? Awhile back, in a huge like 8 page preview for this game in some game magazine, can't remember which, they had a car list and it had WAY more cars and bikes that were supposed to be in it. They had Suzuki GSX-Rs for sports bikes and a 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse (my car :D ) and there were 2 Ferraris on the list, a 360 Modena and a Testerosa. I liked NFSU2 a lot so i finally broke down and got this game yesterday and I was going through the locked cars, since you can still see the manufacturer, and I saw no more mitusbishi cars aside from the new eclipse that you can buy right away, saw no suzukis (my bike :D ) and no ferrari. The main reason i got this game was so i could customize the bike I own (Suzuki GSX-R) and my favorite car (Ferrari) and it turns out that neither, as well as the other eclipse, are in the game when they were supposed to be. If I had known that I prolly wouldn't have bought this game cuz I have NFSU2, and, from what I've seen so far, that game has WAY more customization options. The review for MC3 said it was supposed to have like 10 times the options for customizing that NFSU2 does, except it doesnt. You can't change things like side mirrors and headlights and stuff like that like in NFS, and all the performance upgrades have "level 1" or "level 2", while NFS has 3 levels of upgrading. Unless more parts and levels of upgrades magically appear in the menus later in the game, NFS is deeper. It shows all the locked items now and there are only like 3 more locked bumpers sets and everything, its like 1-20 and 1-17 are already open, NFS has hundreds of different front and rear and sideskirts. IDK, I guess I'm just ranting cuz I bought the game and it was nothing like the reviews, IMHO NFS has WAY more customization options and if I knew the vehicles that were SUPPOSED to be in the game that were pretty much the only reason i bought it AREN'T in the game, i wouldn't have dropped $50 on this game. Can anyone tell me if those cars/bikes are like SUPER hidden ones, that like don't even show up in the menus til you win em or if they just aren't there period. Same thing with the upgrades, do more performance levels/body parts show up later, or is it just 2 levels and like 20 bumpers for the whole game?