View Full Version : Authentic Dolphins Jerseys $67.50

07-09-2005, 12:49 AM
i am really trying to sell 2 brand new with tags authentic ricky williams jerseys. they are the real thing, authentic with everything sewn on. they are reebok. one is an aqua dolphins jersey and the other is a pro bowl jersey. they are both size 50. i want $135 for both jerseys ($67.50 each). i want to sell them together. i will also ship them for free. i need the extra money. i bought them personally for collectibles. surely there are still some ricky fans out there. he's back!!!!

$135 for two authentic jerseys free shipping!!!! this is replica pricing!!!!!

i can e-mail pictures of jerseys if interested. e-mail me i may go cheaper($130)

e-mail me at alli@blomand.net

07-09-2005, 11:51 PM
there has to be some ricky fans out there. these jerseys are truly authentic, brand new with the tags by reebok. i can e-mail pictures if interested. i will sell both of them for $135 and free shipping. if truly interested e-mail me at alli@blomand.net and i may make an even better deal. i need extra cash for vacation and the jerseys are too large for me. i will probably regret this sell. he is coming back!!!!

if anyone is interested e-mail me. i'm ready to make a deal. i am a very honest person. perhaps $130 for both and free shipping. that is $65 each no shipping to pay and no taxes. $130 this is cheaper than replica price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are reebok authentic jerseys brand new with tags.