View Full Version : 3 Hof Enshrinement Tickets

07-11-2005, 11:47 PM
Hi longtime lurker firsttime poster. I have a grand total of six tickets for the hof enshrinement ceremony. section 4 row bb seats 12 through 14 and 3 more in section 14 row Q seats 1 through 3. I have been unable to find any to come with me o the ceremony, some apparently don't enjoy legendary signal callers, others are just flaky wisconsin folk. I don't want to put these on ebay so I am here to offer any combanation of five of these tickets (I need one for myself) to anyone here. I don't have a set price just e-mail me with any questions or ticket requests at

cory.lindenberg@uwrf.edu or lind@elknet.netcory.lindenberg@uwrf.edu lind@elknet.net

I would perfer you contact the uwrf account, that is my college account and the one i check more often. In the e-mail please include amount willing to spend or something like that. I don't want to sound greedy but i am in college.

I was able to aquire all of these tickets thanks to that dopey website that they were available at. I really wanted tickets for me and two people who i would later persuade to come with me on an awsome road trip so as soon as they wen on sale i was at the website trying to get 3 tickets. I requested 3 tickets and went to buy but then i learned that i needed to register, i was pissed but it was really my own fault. so i regestered and while i was doing that they had that little timer at the top telling me that i had x amount ot time before i lost my tickets, but i made it through and got to the processing order step but the website wouldn't confrim that i got the tickets, so now i am really pissed that i will miss my once in a lifetime chance to see my favorite player in any sport ever-- dan marino of course-- so i went back to step one and did the whole thing again, got those section 14 row q tickets and the darn site confirmed it, so i was pacified. Until i checked my e-mail and saw that i had confirmation e-mails for both sets of three tickets, so i was naturally overjoyed. So that is how i ame into possession of 6 tickets, i am by no means a ticket whore, but i am here to offer the extras to my fellow phinfans. Please e-mail the above adress if intrested or post here, i will check regualrly.

p.s. please excuse spelling or grammatical errors