View Full Version : predicted madden 06 dolphin ratings (with comparisons to ratings already out)

new bob
07-22-2005, 05:24 PM
k, thsi is how you can tell what soe of the dolphins players might come out as........

HBs cadillac and benson come out as 83s, therefore ronnie comes out as an 84 (braylon also came out as an 84, along with derrick johnson) lamar gordon might be about a 76-78, depending how nice EA was....and ricky wont be in the game at least i dont think, but after the updates he should clock in at around a 83-84

CB sam madison will probably be a 91 or 92 (rated same ratings as CBS like lito sheppard, ronde barber, and just a couple of points below surtain at a 94...if surtain is a 94, i think madison should be a 92)

OLBS dan morgan and mike patterson are 92s(not exactly superstars)....so i think zach should come out at a 94 im guessing (below urlacher, but above donnie edwards) i think 94, maybe 93 are fine since theyll probably underrate dolphin players.....IMO he should be a 95 along with urlacher

DE - they have friggin dwight freeney at a 98.....-_- ....expect JT to be a 97 (same rating as peppers, a point better than strahan)

OLB seau should come out at an 86ish, like dhani jones, adalius thomas, david thornton... they rate DJ williams at a 90, so dependant on how close you see seau to DJ, i think youd have to put seau at an 86, 87...

most second round picks are at an 76-78 range......dan cody is at a 77, so im guessing that ROth will be at a 78, while most third rounder s are in the 73-75 range (expect crowder to be around a 74, higher than kirk morrison but lower then the 2nd round MLBS)

WRs boston and booker will be probably about a 87 and 85, which sounds fair enough....boston after the injury may slide down to about an 82

QB - lmao at the though of our qbs.... if boler is an 80 im scared to think what our qbs wil be at


(frerotte with higher awareness and a bigger cone)

Te - i think mchmicheal wil be the last of the elite Tes, and should clock in at a 92 or 91(right behind jason witten)

OL - expect our oline to reach from the low (mid 70s for mckinney) to not so low (highest rating probably being mcdougle or james at about an 84)

DL - expect chester to be about an 83-84, same as Timbo(not retired in the game) carter, holliday and traylor will probably come in at mid-high 80s, with carter probably being the high rating (87) D bowens might probably come in at an 80

ST - mare should be a mid 90s kicker, welker should have KR of about 85-90

i think i addressed most of the starters.....tell me what you think....

Adam First
07-22-2005, 06:39 PM
Brett Favre :rofl3:

Peyton Manning :rofl3:

Tom Brady :rofl3:

07-22-2005, 06:50 PM
This year the ratings have been quite high for rookies. Last year the highest was 85 for Kellen Winslow and 81 for Eli Manning.

This year, however, there have been a number of 85's, 84's and 83s. I think they're doing the ratings solely on college performance rather than where they were drafted....Alex Smith only got an 82.

IMO, Ronnie will be no higher than an 83. I think Matt Roth will be reasonably high though....likely around 79.