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10-31-2002, 11:11 PM
Pierpont gets an offer he can't refuse...


From: Ben Udoh

Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 7:24 AM


From The Desk of : Dr. Ben Udoh.
Direct Fax: nnnnnnnnn


Dear Sir/Madam,

Re:Seeking for a Dedicated and Committed Partnership in a Business
Proposal Worth US$9.7m

I am the secretary to the Contract Review Panel that was recently inaugurated by the President to review the activities of the past military government with particular reference to the contracts awarded in all ministries between 1990 to 1999. In the course of carrying out our assigned duties, we discovered the above amount lying idle in a suspense account with our apex bank and not linked to any project. The source of this money has been revealed to be grossly over-invoiced contracts, which were awarded, to a conglomerate of foreign firms by the government on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Aviation. On completion of our assignment, this amount was deliberately not included in our report because we want to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity to benefit and make a fortune out of it. The only option we have to achieve our aims and objective is to have this fund transferred to a country of our choice where it can be kept in trust and safe custody for us. We are ! however handicapped at the moment by our status as civil servants, which barred us from operating a foreign account while still in government service.

Thus, through some discreet inquiries, you and your organization were revealed as being quite astute in private entrepreneur. On this premise, we have no doubt in your ability to handle a business of this nature, which informed our desire to enter into a partnership with you. This
business involves the remittance of this US$9.7m (Nine million, seven hundred thousand dollars) into your bank account with the hope of travelling down to meet you and take possession of our share. Part of our share of the fund will be invested in profitable ventures in your country based on your advice while the balance will be repatriated home as foreign earnings. We have mapped out strategies and all paperwork is in place to ensure a 100%

The nature of your business at present does not really matter because in the world over, bigger firms do bid and win big contracts especially in third world countries like ours and can sub-contract part to other firms for execution. That is you or your firm will be regarded as one of those that executed one of such projects and therefore entitled to receive the over-invoiced amount of the contract value since the original contractor has been paid. Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free as there is actually now or in the future for we are well connected in official circle. Given our level of commitment at the moment, we want to assure you that with full dedication on your part, the objective of having this fund remitted would have been realized within a period of two weeks. It is hereby expressly agreed in principle that at the end of the transaction, you will be entitled to 25% of the entire sum, 74% will be for my colleagues and I while 1% has been earmarked to take care of both local and international expenses.

As a token of our gratitude, as soon as you confirm the arrival of the funds in your account, we shall arrange for you the equivalent of 500,000 barrels of Automobile Gasoline (AGO), for
spotlifting at less than market price. One of my colleagues is directly in charge of Crude Oil allocation.

If you are interested in this proposal, please call me using the above stated number or better still through e mail for more clarification. Even if you are not interested, still let me know so as enable me to look for someone else to carry out this business with.

Please pardon our mode of communicating this proposal to you. It is due to time exigency.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Ben Udoh

10-31-2002, 11:11 PM
Pierpont is interested and wonders if Dr KaFool was the referrer...


Dear Dr. Ben Udoh.

Your offer was a most intriguing proposition. I am interested. Perhaps it was my friend Dr. Ebenezer Kuffour who recommended me?

However, I would like more details on the 500,000 barrels of Automotive Gasoline (AGO). You mention it will be offered to me at below market price. How much of a percentage below market is your friend prepared to go?

I am also responding via a more private and secure email. Please contact me here, rather than at the previous email account.

Yours in Peace and Fertility,

Pierpont Emenuel Weaver, ESQ.

10-31-2002, 11:12 PM
I would go for the deal!!

10-31-2002, 11:12 PM
posted 10-30-2002 11:21 PM

Yes it was KaFool!!!!

BTW, get prepared for a looooong email from this windbag.


Dear Pierpont Weaver,

Thank you very much for your prompt and positive response to our letter of mutually benefiting business proposal, requesting for more details. I know this might sound or look very strange to you considering the fact that we have not had a prior knowledge of each other before now, though you were highly recommended by a colleague of ours at the Trade Ministry. Actually this colleague happens to be a friend of the mentioned Dr Ebenezer Kuffour. Please note and very importantly that both of them are not aware of the true nature of the pending transaction. We did not disclose its nature to them. We only requested for a trust worthy foreign partner whom we could go into partnership in the international business of imports and exports. We were however given your details along with 2 others for immediate contact. Consequently, based on the above, I will implore you for the sake of confidentiality not to disclose this transaction to anybody, including Dr. Kuffour until otherwise advised. My colleagues and I after careful deliberations have decided to let you in on further details regarding the pending project for you to have a clearer picture of the pending transaction.

I, Ben Udoh (Dr.), am a Senior Director with the Federal Ministry of Aviation (FMA). I am 55 years old, happily married with 5 Children. By every standard, I am a civil servant still in active Government service. I am presently the honorable secretary to the Contract Review Panel (CRP), set up by our democratically elected government, to review contracts awarded and paid for in the last 10 years, and those yet to be paid for, thus giving us the exclusive mandate to validate payment claims for contracts executed for which payment have not been made. Where we are satisfied about the authenticity of such claims, we go ahead to issue approval for of the contract sum to the concerned contractor. In other-words, it is our sole responsibility to approve all payment of contracts executed for all federal government statutory corporations in our country.

I am working in conjunction with 4 other colleagues, though I have been unanimously mandated to source for and deal directly with a willing foreign partner who will assist and support us in achieving our set goal, which is to utilize our perceived golden opportunity to better our lives and provide for our children's future. We are only capitalizing on our one in a lifetime opportunity, which coincidentally happens to be the order of the day over here in my country. We know exactly what we are doing and will never have engaged in it if we were not 100% sure of success in all its ramifications.

However, in the course of our official duty, we discovered the said amount, US$9.7m floating. This we are sure about because in the course of our review of contracts awarded and paid for, the existence of this money did not manifest in any of our record sheets. With the said funds presently floating, we believe that this is our once in a lifetime opportunity to better our lives and provide for our children's future. We ask you to see reasons with us why we cannot afford to let this opportunity slip away, especially as we are influentially capable by reason of our official position at the CRP, to see to the lifting of the funds outside the country totally risk free, for our own use. It is on this basis that we seek your assistance in achieving this our set goal; as we are forbidden to own or/and operate foreign accounts while still in active service. It may further interest you to know that any attempt to report our findings to the appropriate authorities will encourage and lead to systematic schemes by other interested parties to remove us from our present position, so they can capitalize on the opportunity to siphon the funds for their personal benefit. I must confess that the economic and social condition around us here encourages the policy of 'grab what you can while you are there'.

Thus, having the firm believe that we can count on your total support, we will proceed without any reservations to elaborate further on the pending project. I must once again emphasize that my colleagues and I are very keen on investing largely in your country with our share of the funds and we want to rely on you to help and assist us in investing our share of the funds in profitable areas and subsequently manage same on our behalf. For your role in this transaction, you will be entitled to 25% of the entire sum, 74% will be for my colleagues and I while 1% has been earmarked to take care of both local and international expenses incured during the course of this of this transaction. Be rest assured that we shall draw up a trust agreement between us to this effect. But before going any further, I must first of all stress the importance of confidentiality, as we are career civil servants still in active service and would not want our names brought to the odium or our long tenure in office jeopardized, as a non-religious compliance of this basic essential is the only thing capable of importing any risk to this project, which under our modalities is 100% risk free, once we get total co-operation and support from you. Please do not let us down. We recognize the magnitude of trust involved in availing us the use of your facilities for this project. We know what we are doing, and would not engage in it if we were not absolutely confident about success in all its ramifications. Be rest assured that you can count on us, we will not let you down.

Our perfected modalities for the transfer of this funds is for it to be made in the capacity of a contract payment to you/your company on behalf of us all, for a contract perceived to have been executed by your company for the Federal Ministry of Aviation (FMA). Note that the true nature of your choice company does not in any way matter at all. Consequently, we will have to register your choice company name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), as a foreign company/firm registered to do business in *****ia and also with the FMA as a category 'A' contractor. (Please furnish me with your choice company details to facilitate the registration as stated above). These will all be back dated 3-4 years to accommodate when the contract was perceived to have been awarded and executed for which you are now laying claims. To this effect, I am sending along two different texts (A&B), which we would want you to reproduce on your company letterhead and pro-forma invoice respectively and fax back to me immediately or better still through e-mail as attachments. With the presentation of the application for claims, the official position would be that your company executed a contract for the FMA, for which it is entitled to the payment sum of US$9.7m, which is the total contract sum. (If you feel more comfortable using a new company name, or you do not presently have an operational company, we can easily officially and legally register a choice company name for you here in *****ia with you as the President/CEO, since you will obviously remain as the direct beneficiary to the total contract sum).

Immediately we receive the claims application, we will officially validate the claims here at the CRP as your contract entitlement and thereafter forward the file to the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF), for the Foreign Exchange Approval Order to be issued by the Exchange Control Division of the FMF. This is necessary since the payment is not in our local currency (Naira), but in a foreign currency (US Dollars). From the Exchange Control Division, the payment file is moved to the International Remittance Office (IRO), of the FMF for final payment processing. This is the endorsement (signing) of the fund release documents i.e.; (1) The foreign Payment Order (2) International Payment receipt (3) International Payment Voucher. At this stage, you will be contacted by the FMF regarding its modus operandi. Please note very importantly that at this stage, we will totally count on you to keep us abreast with all correspondence with the FMF since we (my colleagues and I) will not be able to have any direct dealings with the Finance Ministry so as not to arouse any form of suspicion within official circles.

It is also pertinent at this stage to assure you that this project will be carried out strictly and religiously within all laid down procedures and the transfer will also pass through all local and international transfer laws and regulations. The complete officialization of the process will cater for all inquiry (if any) by your bankers as to the source of the funds when it arrives your account (for us all), as your bankers can verify the source from the CBN if they wish. However, in the interest of bolstering confidentiality at this stage of commencement of the project, we advise that you should for now, stall whatever discussions you may wish to have with your bankers in respect of your expectation of the funds until we advice otherwise, at such time better for our firm peace of mind, as the direct participants of this project.

However, be rest assured that my colleagues and I have collectively kept certain funds aside, which we believe will take us through successfully to the end of this transaction. We will incur the registration of your company with both the CAC and FMA, the anticipated 1-year tax, under-table tips, etc. But please note and very importantly that if for any reason at all, your financial assistance is needed in the spirit of partnership, it will not be such as to cause to you in anyway any financial embarrassment. This will be borne out of the fact that for one reason or the other, we exceed our budget. Note also, that your assistance will be sought by way of gift items to certain directors who will be directly responsible for the endorsement of your fund release documents. These gifts should be seen to have originated from your country thereby coming directly from you to these directors to show appreciation and the authenticity of your claim. This approach will definitely speed up things, as these directors will feel indebted to you on acceptance of your gratification. This is our position as originators of this project, as we will not want to be led on and abandoned in our time of need and assistance.

On your receipt of the funds by you, I on behalf of my associates and myself will fly down to your country for the sharing purposes and to commence our business plans, to which as I have already stated above, we shall totally count and rely on you. The benefits are enormous so also are the responsibilities, hence the setting aside an abstract projection of 1% of the total sum to take care of all mutual expenses towards the attainment of our common goal. This will be used to reimburse both parties after the funds have successfully arrived your account for us all before the actual sharing in the ratio already spelt out in our proposal to you. This is so because the total funds at stake is presently lodged in a Federal Government account of the CBN and no dime can be withdrawn from it until all necessary applications and approvals have been duly and officially carried out. Note and very importantly that if you follow our instructions religiously, promptly and accordingly as the originators, the project can be accomplished within 10 to 14 working days, totally risk free. Be rest assured that you can count on us, we will not let you down.

Finally As a token of our gratitude for your assistance, as soon as you confirm the arrival of the funds in your account, we shall make avalaible to you our promised incentive of 500,000 barrels of Automobile Gasoline (AGO), for spotlifting at US$18 per barrel, as against US$30 per barrel which is the current market price. As earlier stated, one of my colleagues is directly in charge of Crude Oil allocation and as stated by him, this will only be feasible if you are interested and also upon succesful conclusion of the pending transaction. Furthermore, be informed my colleagues and I also intend to make a similar investment in the AGO business but note that you will also be our front to make purchase on our behalf.

Once again, I sincerely thank you for your response and please remember that confidentiality is our watchword, as the advantages accruable to us all from strict compliance can never be over-emphasized.

We await your urgent response to enable us commence the project, as time is of equal essence as confidentiality, as we would like to fall into the payment schedule of contractors slated for this new fourth and final financial quarter of this year. My direct tel./fax number remains nnnnnnnnnnnnn. I will urge you to give me a telephone call immediately upon receipt of this mail for further verbal discussions and clarifications if any, regardless of time, as I am readily available to take your calls round the clock. I acknowledge the porous and obsolete state of our international dialing system, but please keep on trying as only persistent efforts will yield positive results. On the alternative, you can e-mail me immediately upon receipt of this mail on my safe and alternate e-mail address (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) for the purpose of strict confidentiality.

Best regards,
Dr. Ben Udoh.









BANK NAME ���������������..������������..�

BANKERS ADDRESS����..���������������������.

BANK TEL N0 ������TELEX..�����..���. FAX N0.������

BANK ACCOUNT N0 ���� ..SWIFT CODE����������...���..







QUARTERS: US$4,320,000.00

AIRPORT: US$3,180,000.00

TOTAL: US$9,700,000.00

CONTRACT CODE:���������. 89 / F G N /F.M.A / 99.
CONTRACT AMOUNT���..����.. US$9,700,000:00. (NINE


10-31-2002, 11:13 PM
Democratically elected government fund? Bah, who cares. Pierpont has som tax dodging to do


Dear Dr. Ben Udoh,

You can rest assured that I will keep our business dealing strictly confidential. Just as I would not reveal to to the details of my business relationship or dealing with Dr Kuffour, our partnership will be kept hush-hush on this side. I also fully understand the somewhat dubious legality of the proposed transaction, and that of course requires even more vigilance to insure that no eyes but our own ever see these communications. You can also be assured that I am quite capable of seeing that this transaction procedes with the smoothness and celerity it deserves.

You thoughtfully introduced yourself, and so I shall do the same. I, Pierpont Emanuel Weaver (ESQ.) am the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) and principal stockholder of Weaver Enterprises. This is a medium-sized firm that is well diversified. Our principal holdings are Uncle Milo's Yaka-Cola, Weaver Fertilizer and Uzbeki Air. In addition we have several smaller divisions. I am 41 years old. Married, but with no children.I am a graduate of Yale University, having attended it on an athletic scholarship (badmitton) and earned an M.B.A. from that fine institution.

I have read your modalities for the transfer and understand them except for one small detail. The taxes on such a transfer, not to mention the fact that I have never reported such a contract to my governement's Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.), would cause considerable problems. Aside from the back taxes I would owe, the buggering I would undergo in a Federal Holding Facility (F.H.F.) would be most unpleasant. For that reason I'm going to have to set up a dummy offshore corporation and bank account. I anticipate this will take any where from two to four days. That is unfortunate considering the tight schedule we are arbitrarily under, but in the long run will be best. We don't want any tax auditors looking to closely at this transfer after all.

I also understand the need for gifts, etc, to expedite the processing of paper-work, etc. That will not be a problem. Will it be necessary for me to do any travelling?

I attempted to call you, but as you anticipated there was a difficulty with the connection. At any rate, it is best of I do not call from my office phone. I shall establish a more secure number you can reach me at and email you when it has been activated.

Your in Peace and Fertility,

Peirpont Emanuel Weaver, ESQ.

10-31-2002, 11:14 PM
Dr Ben has an idea!!!


Dear friend & partner,

I am very elated to read your mail. You obviously understand the entire nature of the pending transaction and we do not doubt your capability of seeing that this transaction procedes with the smoothness and celerity it deserves. To this, I say thank you very much. I am equally very pleased with your resume and as such we are very comfortable as regards our future investments, to which we will counting solely on you for advice and management.

Furthermore as regards the offshore account, it is a very welcome idea as we totally understand what you are guiding against. On the alternative, for the sake of time, we can equally have the payment made out via Certified bank Draft/Check. By so doing we avoid the high taxation obtainable in your country and also to avoid drawing the attention of your authorities (I.R.S etc) as well as that of your bankers. Our option eliminates the telegraphic transfer of the funds which would have been the easiest way for your authorities to monitor the payment.

My dear friend, we had already thought about your fears before now. You need not worry as we have already taken care of them. Note and very importantly that this CBN cheque/draft when issued by the Central Bank of *****ia (CBN) is cashable in any correspondent bank in Europe or America. In this case, it is our advise and suggestion that the funds be cashed in Europe and subsequently paid into offshore account which you could decide to open then. At this point, you might be required to travel to meet with the officials in charge to personally collect Certified Bank Draft/check. But please note that the need for you to travel and to which country/payment office you will be alloted to will be totally determined by the Central Bank of *****ia (CBN), which is the final payment body. By this, you will realize that we can conveniently execute this deal without drawing the attention of your authorities. I hope the above explanation has allayed your fears and worries. All the same if this option is suitable to you, please indicate in your immediate reply.

Be that as it may, in order for us to commence this transaction immediately as time of equal essence as confidentiality, I will urge you to furnish me with the address of your choice company (WEAVER ENTERPRISES) enable us commence the registration process of yoour company with both the CAC and FMA. This is in fact the first major feat that must be achieved while we reconcile the issue of the mode of payment as staed above.

Thanks once again for your willingness to assist while assuring you that this is the beginning of a lifetime business and family relationship between all parties involved.

Anxiously waiting to hear you.

Sincere wishes,
Ben Udoh.

Sincere wishes,

10-31-2002, 11:14 PM
Pierpont buys time to manufacture the documents


Dear friend,

Your idea to eliminate the paper trail of a electronical bank trasfer is a splendid way to simplify the reporting needs of this transaction. It seems we understand each other's needs for discreation and duplicity quite well. Although our partnership is only a few brief days old, I already have the feeling that it is going to lead to a long and profitable relationship.

I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond today, but I've busy setting up the dummy corporation and off-shore bank account. As I write the printers are printing the letter heads and receipts to lend an air of legitimacy to the "three year old" (wink, wink) corporation. I should have the corporate and banking information you requested by tomorrow.

It will not be a problem to travel, although I will need some advance warning so that any European meetings can be fit into my busy schedule.

Sorry this note is so brief, but I've had a hectic day in my office. Expediting the formation of the new corporation has involved much paper-work, thumb-twiddling, and hanging about the water cooler, but I'm sure an executive like yourself is familiar with such a frantic pace and understands.

The best to you and your family,


10-31-2002, 11:15 PM
Dr. Ben's letter to Pierpont this morning


My dear friend,

I can already feel the success of the transaction within me. My colleagues and I are very pleased at your co-operation and commitment towards the success of this transaction. We are very happy to have you as our foreign partner. Thank you very much.

However, regarding our pending transaction, thank you for all your efforts towards setting up the dummy corporation and off-shore bank account, as well as the necessary documentations. I understand very well the stress associated this, most especially when you have a limited time frame.

As regards travelling, if the need ever arises, I am positive you will be notified in advance to enable you prepare adequately for the trip.

Once again, thank you very much, while anxiously awaiting the requested information as promised to enable us proceed as planned.

Fondest regards,

10-31-2002, 11:15 PM
Pierponts sends the documents. The banking info is swiped off another scammers letter and altered just a little bit. Oh yea, he added one more and complicated things a little...


Dear Ben,

How are you my friend? In fine health and good spirits I trust.

Well, it has been a long hard day, but at last I am finished generating the necessary paper work. Because the original contract was signed four years ago, whereas my offshore firm was just incorporated, I had to add a third document. The original contract was awarded to the Uzbeki Air Division of Weaver Enterprises. They held the promisary not on the airfield contract. They have since sold the note to the Corporation for Local and International Trade - a company based in the Canary Islands.

I think it should all be clear to you when you review the attached documents. I've included the pertinent banking information, etc.




Project Invoice (http://www.jazzopolis.com/pix/inv_project.jpg)
Request for Payment (http://www.jazzopolis.com/pix/pay_request.jpg)
Transfer of Bank Note (http://www.jazzopolis.com/pix/note_transfer.jpg)

11-03-2002, 01:52 AM
Dr. Ben is happy with Pierpont's forged documents. However, he tries to dodge the wrinkle of the fake promissary note.


My dear friend & partner,

Thank you very much for your mail as well as the attached documents, while first of all apologizing for my delayed response. The documents are very ok and they meet standard. I was actually out of town to Abuja (our country's capital) in respect of the registration exercise for your choice company. This was borne out of exigent need for the release of these documents coupled with the fact that a friend of mine is a Director at the Corporate Affairs Commission, whom I needed his assistance.

However, I wish to inform you that the promissory note, might not be necessary as we are back-dating the registration of your company (CLIT) for 3 years to accomodate when the contract was perceived to have been awarded and executed. This is basically the reason why we are embarking on the registration exercise over here to authenticate its validity as an existing legal entity capable of executing business in *****ia. To further buttress this indegeneous nature, we are registering your company (CLIT) with a local address here with its headquarters in the Florida, USA. Be that as it may, It may interest you to know that we have already collected all application forms necessary for the official registration of your company with both the CAC and NNPC. We have right now, as at this morning upon receipt of the documents disbursed all the necessary funds towards this registration exercise.

My dear friend, upon the successful completion of this, I will personally send copies of these documents to you through e-mail as attachments for your perusal and record purposes, though I will definitely bring along with me all the original copies of the relevant documents when coming over to your country for the sharing purposes and the commencement of our business
investment plans. From our sources, the registration exercise should be officially concluded by Monday, when the official certificates will be formally released to us.

At this juncture, I must commend you for your detailed nature and also for adhering strictly to our basic and guiding principle of confidentiality and ask that you keep it up to the very end.

All the same, I wait very anxiously to hear from you confirming the receipt of this mail. I will keep you posted later on as to the progress so far regarding the registration exercise.

Regards & God bless,

11-03-2002, 01:53 AM
No Dr. Ben, you're not going to get off by back dating a form to three years before my made-up company even existed. If we're going to lie to each other let's at least work at it and have some fun.


Dear Friend Ben,

No need to apologize for being busy, I fully understand that executives like us are frequently knee deep in it. I also want to express my appreciation for the hard work you have put into this partnership on your end.

However, your suggestion to back date the contract with CLIT three years simply won't work. CLIT was only formed three days ago. There is no way possible anybody would believe a contract from three years ago was valid. We would surely have the authorities asking us very ackward questions once they saw the dates on that paper work.

No, we have to award the original contract to Uzbeki Air. I've covered the transfer of the contract on this side of the Atlantic. You'll have to come up with a certificate recognizing the transfer on the part of the *****ian governing body that overseees such matters.

We must be careful my friend. Neither one of us want the police involved in this "manipulation of the facts" we're engaged in.

The best to you and yours,


Sabre Ally
11-03-2002, 02:16 AM
I would have thought Pierpont was smart enough to name the company something that would seem innocuous and not draw attention to itself. :lol:

11-04-2002, 06:28 PM
Hehehe... why do I get the feeling from this letter that, oh shucky-darns, the re-registration won't go smoothly and there will be an added expense?


My dear & good friend,

My colleagues and I have deliberated on the issue raised in your mail and we very much agree with you, most especially since that will be the receiving company over there in the States. There will obviously be a reflection of our intended registration which will be contradicting that which you have just done.

Consequently, we have decided to get in touch with the CAC unfailingly on Monday morning to effect the change in the Company name, though they will bear the same *****ian address as you will see when the Certificates are released. I only hope and pray that the Certificates are not yet ready as that would entail us re-registering Uzbeki Air all over again, which will cost us a lot of money. All the same, lets keep our fingers crossed until Monday.

My dear friend, we very much appreciate the high level of diligence and intelligence you have employed in this transaction. We are very proud to have you as a partner. Please keep up the good work. However as suggested in your mail, we shall make all necessary documentations duly endorsed by the Director, Engineering and Project division of the FMA recognizing the deed of transfer between Uzbeki Air and the CLIT. You need not worry about this. Consider it a done deal.

Thanks once again for everything while waiting to hear from you. I will get in touch with you later as regards the registration of your company, Uzbeki Air.

Fondest regards,

11-04-2002, 07:59 PM
Why do you post this stupid ****?