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07-28-2005, 09:17 PM
well, IDK if it's a "glitch" persay, but it really pisses me off. I'm sure most of you read my post about how I think it's r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d that you can't edit roster #s in RFTH mode in order to get your legend player the # you want and instead are stuck with some lame number (usually, depending on the team you play for and what #s are available, in my case the available #s for Texas were lame, so I picked 29 in honor of Sam Madison) for 4 years. You can't change the numbers in the offseason either. Anyway, so you aren't allowed to have a number you want if someone already has it, and you can't edit the roster to get it, and you can't pick the number to be a duplicate, BUT, I just noticed, there are already TONS of duplicate active players programmed in!!!! For instance, I use the Longhorns and in the game I was just playing I noticed a BUNCH of starters with the same number! There are 2 # 2s, 4s, 8s, and 9s! All starters too, not like one is a senior and one is a redshirt freshman, they are like juniors and sophmores or mixes like that. First off, that is stupid, to have one #8 on offense and another on defense that are two different players, but second it angers me even more that I can't have my damn #21 because some dude, a THIRD STRING OLB at that, already has it. Has anyone else noticed the duplicate #s? Not sure if it ticks anyone off as much as me, but like I have said, I want realism and I create myself in my position and I have played sports, especially football, all my life so i want accuracy and realism and that means i want to have my guy have my #, it really gets to me that I can't, in RFTH mode anyway, in a dynasty I just edited the rosters, but the mode that is tailored specifically to people like me I can't, BLAH, NCAA 07 better fix that, it seems like a minor detail but I'm sure i'm not even close to being the only person who has sentimental attatchement to my #, and I'm sure i'm not close to the only one who is kinda pissed when they discover duplicates on the active roster yet we STILL can't have our # if someone else does.

07-29-2005, 12:26 AM
well if your not that far into it, i would just edit the main rosters and start a new one

07-29-2005, 12:31 AM
isnt that realistic? i mean, if someone has your # oh well

07-29-2005, 09:40 AM
yeah **** it... luckily i got a scholarship to memphis and i took it and got to keep my 13 at QB.. .and with deangelo williams at RB im haveing a sick season as a freshman

07-29-2005, 08:48 PM
well if your not that far into it, i would just edit the main rosters and start a new one

tried it, I edited the main roster before I even started my dynasty or my RFTH, I have every guy properly named, and I changed that OLBs number from 21 to 25 just so I could have 21 in my RFTH, but when I entered the mode, both dynasty AND RFTH, all the names stayed right but the guys number went back to 21, so that idea didn't work.

isnt that realistic? i mean, if someone has your # oh well

It IS realistic, but what else is realistic is the fact that you can change your number at the end of a season, or even mid-season, in real life. I wouldn't mind one bit that I couldn't start with my # cuz someone already had it IF I had the option to change my # in the offseason when that player graduated, but I can't, and THAT is why I have a problem with it, because they want realism but they have repeat #s on the active roster yet I can't choose a repeat # or change my # in the offseason when the person with mine graduates.

My Intentions for NCAA were to do a dynasty with my Longhorns and then do RFTH mode with my guy and go to one of the three scholarship schools, most-likely the highest ranked one or the one I liked the most of the three. I NEVER expected to get an offer from Texas since it's such a longshot to have them as one of the THREE teams you get an offer from, so when they were included in the list I HAD to take it, it was way to perfect to pass up, having my guy play for my team. It's kinda funny because the other two schools that offfered me scholarships both have #21 available, lol. Oh well, I pretty much learned to live with it (I DO have Sam Madison's number, so it's kinda cool) but when I noticed that there were all those guys, STARTERS mind you, that had the same number it just pissed me off all over again, I am dealing with it now, again, I just had to vent before.