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08-06-2005, 08:48 PM
All I have to say is WTF? I have two major problems with the stick in NCAA (for PS2, and it's supposed to be the same control scheme in madden).

1, It takes like 293847 seconds for the guy to actually start the big hit animation after you hit the stick. SO many times i have gone for a big hit when lined up perfectly and i hit the stick and my guy just kinda bounces off the ball carrier THEN, when he is like 4 yards past him, decides to throw out his arms for the big hit. I have even tested this in practice and 2 player modes, I press it and I counted anywhere from one up to THREE seconds lag in the time from me hitting the hit stck to the player actually doing the big hit animation. I know it is supposed to be harder for you to use the hit stick because monster hits don't happen every play and there is supposed to be a risk factor and all, but this is ridiculous! It is already a risk taking your finger of the X button which has your guy sprinting to use the hit stick, they shouldn't put you at a super disadvantage by having a VERY noticable delay before the guy starts the hit animation. I remember last year in NCAA the big hit button was L2 (or some whoulder button). That was perfect. It was still risky to use if you missed, but at least the option to do it was easily accessable because your fingers are already in position and it triggered the big hit animation instantly. Now not only do you have to totally move your natural hand postion to do it but you are basically garunteed to miss unless you hit it while 10 yards away from the guy so by the time he gets to you the animation is starting. I have had NCAA since the day it came out and have only had ONE big hit so far, that includes practices, spring drills, RFTH drills, and games.

2, I hate hate HATE how juke is the right stick button now. I have been a madden fan since 94 and NCAA since PS2 came out and have always been a fan of the run, maybe it's a little bias since in real life HB is my position, but I always tend to run more than pass and this year's NCAA, and from what I hear madden will be the same, has made running MUCH less enjoyable. I think having to use the right stick for juking is STUPID. I can understand it for the big hits because those don't happen all the time so there should be a risk factor to them, but running backs use jukes almost everytime they touch the ball, so why make it harder to do? You have to take your hand out of position over the face buttons, where you are usually holding down X for to sprint, to hit the juke button, thus stopping your player from sprinting and having to repostion your hand back over the face buttons and sprint again. MAYBE they should've had it so like pushing the analog stick down (the direction, not pressing it) does the little stutter-step juke that the guy does now, and having the cover-up button when pressing it up is cool too, but for left and right juking, it shoulda stayed on the shoulder buttons. Now throwing a spin then a juke or something liek that is like 928 time sharder because you have to totally remove you hand from over all the buttons to hit the juke really quick. throwing a juke to the left is easy, or even the stutter step one, becase you can keep or hand postioned over the face buttons and tap the stick left or down really quick, but a juke to the right, or even the cover up, requires you totally moving your hand and messe sup the flow of the run. I have gotten semi-used to it now, but i still find myself hitting shoulder buttons to juke out of pure habbit (since they have been that way for what, like 5 years now?) and I'll end up pitching it for a fumble or just getting killed by a defender cuz i run right into his big hit. I REALLY hope left and right jukes go back to the shoulder buttons for next year's installments of NCAA or Madden, it makes it so much more efficient and makes way mroe sense. Jukes are a huge part of a ball carriers arsenal, why make it so it's almost like a punishment to use them?

Big hit make sense being mapped to the right stick since they are supposed to be risky, jukes aren't risky so they make ZERO sense being mapped to a risky button.

*EDIT* sorry for the long post, didn't realize it was THAT long 'til I posted it

08-07-2005, 12:55 AM
Man i've been hearing a bit too much risky things with the new EA sports games... makes me nervous about buying them... overall though.. hwo is NCAA?

08-07-2005, 07:55 PM
Man i've been hearing a bit too much risky things with the new EA sports games... makes me nervous about buying them... overall though.. hwo is NCAA?

Overall it's pretty good. The gameplay is faster paced, but in a good way. It's not liek a super warp speed difference, but you can tell that there is more of a sense of ugency and hustle on plays, and it REALLY adds to the game. Aside from some minor gripes with RFTH mode (I'm sure you've seen some of my posts about not being able to change your jersey # so if someone already has the one you want you're stuck with a different one for your college career) and the hit stick lag and the juke being mapped to the right stick, the game is great. Definately worth buying, just be prepared to take some time getting used to running because it has a WAY different feel than previous years, especially if you juked a lot in all the previous versions.

08-08-2005, 08:25 AM
yeah i noticed that lag too with the hit stick... but i THINK thats not the case on madden, i read that in a report some dude who got to play an earlier version said... i THINK, hoping im right though, haha we'll find out at midnight tonight

08-08-2005, 10:54 AM
Yeah I agree with the lag. All I'm worried about is the "Truck Stick" I've been waiting for that for so long it better work well. I'm so tired of 180lb. DBs arm tackling my 230lb. RBs!!!!!

08-09-2005, 09:17 PM
It only delays for like 1.5 seconds..if that.

It really should be delayed too because it should take a while to time it down to be good at it. Otherwise everyone would be getting injured/fumbling.

Truck Stick also works pretty well.