View Full Version : Your ONE Favorite Program on your computer

08-08-2005, 02:51 PM
just wanted to follow with the theme we got going here a little bit....

I you can choose only one program from you computer as your Favorite...which would it be?

While it's certainly not my best program, it's one that I'm forced to use because I'm quickly becoming a Mini-Disc fan...Sony's latest version of SonicStage.

Why would I pick one that's not the best program....well it's the only program I know of right now that can transfer my music files to the ATRAC file type for use on my mini-disc player. I've been using it a lot in learning and now absolutly love my portable min-disc player\recorder. For those who've never used a mini-disc...I highly recommed giving it a try.

I got 1 GB removable storage that records not only music files but data as well so it's like having a hard drive backup for you're most important items....and all on an encased (highly protected) disc that's about the size of a silver dollar.

Anyway...that's my software choice, it's slow and certainly not the best audio player that out there but its one I can't do without now (since I'm transferring my CD collection of 1162 discs).

BTW, if anyone who's familiar with mini-discs nows of another piece of software that will transfer meida files to ATRAC and ATRAC3..please let me know...thanks