View Full Version : My Fantasy Team

08-09-2005, 02:11 PM
The Commisioner decided to try something different this year so we drafted 6 defensive players (to many if you ask me) and we have no util position (another mistake imo). 16 team league, I had the 5th pick

QB: Vick
WR: Bruce, McCardell, Colbert, Booker
RB: Holmes, Westbrook, Benson
TE: McMichael
K: Rackers

Def: Ed Reed, D. Freeney, P. Surtain, S. Madison, K. Bullock, O-gun

I think my weekness is my WR, and Im praying Vick and Holmes stay healthy. My defense seems pretty stacked but Im not entirely sure on how the scoring is set up for defense. The league is kind of messed up because there arent enough bench positions (only 2) so I cant have a backup QB.