View Full Version : Cut McCarriens and sign B. Edwards?

08-11-2005, 10:11 AM
Brand New Newbie at FF here. I'm thinking of cutting McCarriens (WR-NYJ) and signing B. Edwards in his place. Good move or not? McCarriens currently is at the bottom of the bench in my 10 team Yahoo league. Here the roster I drafted yesterday in case you are wondering.

QB - Kerry Collins
RB - Shaun Alexander
RB - Clinton Portis
WR - T. Owens (big risk)
WR - J. Porter
WR - H. Ward
TE - R. McMichael
K - J. Wilkins (Stl)
Def - NYJ

BN - L. Fitzgerald, WR
BN - R. Brown, RB
BN - J. Plummer, QB
BN - C. Williams, RB, TB
BN - J. McCariens, WR, NYJ (drop for Braylon?)
BN - Minnessota Def

The reason why I chose McCariens over Braylon is that my bench has two unproven rookies in Carnell and Ronnie Brown. Adding Braylon to the mix would give me THREE unproven rookies riding my bench. I felt as if taking some risks for my bench was OK but am I going to far if I take Braylon over the somewhat decent, but known, McCariens? What do you guys think?