View Full Version : FInheaven People Needed/Wanted

08-23-2005, 06:58 PM
Hey guys, I know everyone here that plays fantasy football is prolly in like 321489723847 leagues already, but I'm looking for people to help fill mine if anyone is willing to join up. I got a late start this year since I have been doing a lot of traveling, so any help filling it would be appreciated. Its a free league through yahoo (my NFL.com and ESPN. com leagues are all filled). For some reason yahoo made me have a password this time instead of just choosing to leave it open for anyone like previous years, so I'm having trouble filling it. It's a live draft that is gonna be August 31st at 7:30 pacific time, so 10:30 Eastern. Like I said, since I was forced to give it a password this year it's been tough to fill, so anyone who is willing to join up and fill my league I'd appreciate it. Here's the full info:

League ID: 495665.
Password: nfl (all lower-case)
League Name: Jason's Fantasy Football.
Draft Type: Live
Draft Date/Time: August 31st, 10:30pm EASTERN time

*EDIT* Oops, I forgot I was in the "Miami Dolphins" forum when I posted this, sorry for the wrong forum, maybe a mod can move it? Thanks