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08-25-2005, 06:20 AM
Upgrade your PSP to version 2.0...and see a fairly functional new web browser!!

Deus Ex Dolphin
08-25-2005, 02:29 PM
Now I'm kinda interested in a PSP. I've used my Dreamcast, along with a BB adaptor and XDP browser (custom made by some guys) to surf the web for a couple years now. Even took it along on my last work trip and it worked fine as each motel room had an ethernet port.

Does the PSP only do wireless networks? Or is there an ethernet port? How limited is the browser compared to a PC? With 16MB of main memory of RAM the Dreamcast is pretty limited in showing video or a lot of photos at one time for example, but the PSP has -what? About 32MB of memory?

I'll wait for a price drop though, and I'm getting an Xbox 360 this year, so I guess it will be awhile.

Is there an optional keyboard for the PSP? I hate the virtual ones. Didn't it have a USB port?

08-25-2005, 03:08 PM
I have to say that I am impressed with the browser. The graphics for the most part come up crystal clear.
It cannot do flash and shockwave yet though.

PSP is wireless only. WEP and WPA-TSK security is supported.

PSP comes with 32mb of memory, but you can buy 1gig of memory separately and use that instead (thats what I did) to watch movies or television shows you upload on it. The 1gigs are going for around $63.99 on ebay now.

It does have a usb port and I hear a portable keyboard is on the way really soon.

I think this is one of many soon to come upgrades for the PSP. But this is a major one...an upgrade that includes a web browser! Thats just great.

I can't wait for SOCOM to come to the PSP. I believe that voice recognition technology will be utilized for this game. The headphone jack on the PSP actually supports headsets if you look closely at it, it even has the headset symbol there.