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08-28-2005, 01:18 PM
Who's got what it takes to take on the Pyper's Realm for Ultimate Fantasy League Football Bragging Rights????

I just created a new league called the PROCRASTINATORS over at ESPN. Based on the league main office screen, it looks like ESPN did a real nice job.

Anyways, I've got a few more openings for die hard Fantasy League Professionals. Newbies need not apply.

It's a live draft scheduled for Friday, September 2nd at 4:15 PM.

Just let me know if you're interested and I'll send you an invite.

It's a twelve team league.


Here is the league info:

Quarterback (QB) 1 No Limit
Running Back (RB) 2 No Limit
Running Back/Wide Receiver (RB/WR) 1 N/A
Wide Receiver (WR) 2 No Limit
Wide Receiver/Tight End (WR/TE) 1 N/A
Tight End (TE) 1 No Limit
Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) 1 No Limit
Place Kicker (K) 1 No Limit
Bench (BE) 6 N/A
Injured Reserve (IR) 1 N/A

SCORING (Edit) - (Help)
Passing TD Pass 4 40+ yard TD pass bonus 1
Interceptions Thrown -2 2pt Passing Conversion 2
Every 25 passing yards 1 Each Completion 0.1
Each Incomplete Pass -0.1 Every Time Sacked -0.5

Rushing TD Rush 6 40+ yard TD rush bonus 1
2pt Rushing Conversion 2 Every 10 rushing yards 1
100-199 yard rushing game 1 200+ yard rushing game 1

Receiving TD Reception 6 40+ yard TD rec bonus 1
2pt Receiving Conversion 2 Every 10 receiving yards 1
100-199 yard receiving game 1 200+ yard receiving game 1
Each reception 0.2

Offensive Players Kickoff Return TD 6 Punt Return TD 6
Fumble Recovered for TD 6 Each Fumble Lost -2

Kicking Each PAT Made 1 FG Made (0-39 yards) 3
FG Made (40-49 yards) 3.5 FG Made (50+ yards) 4
FG Missed (0-39 yards) -3

Team Defense and Special Teams Interception Return TD 6 Fumble Return TD 6
Kickoff Return TD 6 Punt Return TD 6
Blocked Punt or FG return for TD 6 Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 2
Each Interception 2 Each Fumble Recovered 2
Each Safety 2 Each Sack 0.5
0 points allowed 10 2-6 points allowed 7
7-13 points allowed 4 14-17 points allowed 1
22-27 points allowed -1 28-34 points allowed -4
35-45 points allowed -7 46+ points allowed -10

LEAGUE RULES (Edit) - (Help)
Player Universe All NFL Players
Roster Locktime Slots Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime
Observe ESPN's Undroppable Players List No
Make League Viewable to Public No
Trade Limit No Limit
Trade Deadline Wednesday, November 23, 12PM ET (Week 12)
Trade Review Period 72 Hours
Votes Required to Veto Trade LM Only Vetos
Free Agent/Waiver Acquisition Limit No Limit
Waiver Period 3 Days
Waiver System Move To Last After Claim, Never Reset Order
Regular Season Game Tie Breaker None, Leave as Tie
Playoff Seeding Tie Breaker Head To Head Record
Home Field Advantage Home Team Receives +3 Points

Bobby Humphrey
08-28-2005, 11:10 PM
how much at espn to join?