View Full Version : HOW do you leave this out of Madden?

08-28-2005, 05:21 PM
OK, so I FINALLY finished my NCAA RFTH career and went out and got Madden last night. I haven't imported my guy yet or really gotten into the game, just did a quick play game and made an NFL superstar just to see what the mode was like, didn't even save (my RB was drafted 3rd round 8th pick by detroit, got a 90% on the IQ test) it or anything. One thing I noticed, and I can't remember if it was last years Madden or ESPN that was like this, but I know one was, is that there is no Hurdle button for ballcarries? IDK what the deal with that is, but it's pretty lame if ya ask me. We have the truck stick now, which basically lowers a shoulder to plow a guy (which is pretty cool and I'm glad madden FINALLY added something like this) and they also made triangle "cover up the ball" instead of being hurdle? WTF? Basically truck stick covers up the ball when you lower your shoulder anyway, so why does there need to be a second button JUST to cover up the ball when it doesn't even plow a guy? And how are you gonna NOT have a hurdle button? I know it automatically does it if a guy is on the ground in your way, cuz I was running up the middle and my RB jumped automatically, which is all fine, it prolly helps you out cuz a lot of times I found myself forgetting to jump when I got caught on a fallen guy running up the middle, but what about in the open field, when you're being chased down? It used to be that when guys are gaining on you from behind and they dove at you you could hurdle and not be tripped up by their dive, saving your long breakaway run but now without a hurdle you can't do this, cuz it doesn't auto-hurdle when guys dive from behind, or dive at all actually, it just auto hurdles when a guy is on the ground in front of you. Seems VERY pointless that they took out a hurdle button for a "cover the ball" button when the truck stick already covers the ball. Other than that the game is pretty cool from what I've seen so far, QB vision cones weren't AS hard as I thought they'd be, although with our QBs it is gonna take some getting used to. Also, haven't tried online yet, but is it true you gotta pay for it this year? If so, how much is it and how do you pay? Do you need a credit card or do they bill you or what?