View Full Version : Madden 06 PC Version Bug List

08-29-2005, 06:04 AM
so here it is the highly anticipated game of the year, but if you ask me it is full of bugs that hopefully get fixed pretty soon.

1. i played a game with a friend of mine online and he had constantly 50 sec on the game clock !!!!

2. i choose 3-4 defense but in the game i can´t choose from the 3-4 formation, its not there

3. player subs almost not there

4. cb react to an outside run very slowly

5. on punt returns no blocking at all by the guy who is closest to the return man

6. yes and there is still no way to CHALLENGE A PLAY IN ONLINE MODE

7. not sure if the slide protection is working at all, doesn´t look like they change anything at all if you change blocking direction

thats all for now but there was a lot more that at the moment i can´t remember

anyone else found a bug ?

08-29-2005, 06:06 PM
My game seems to freeze at the beginning of every drive. I've also noticed Madden saying the exact same things he said in last years game. I also haven't found a way to change a players number in franchise mode. I signed a QB and he was given #12(which the Phins retired).