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09-01-2005, 06:32 PM
75% yardage 25% TD, interceptions dont count ;) 8 man league

QB - Collins, Vick
RB - Alexander, Martin, Barber, M Anderson
WR - Moss, Wayne, S Smith and Big Krizz Chamberz well atleast is verticalis big
TE- G shock, Cooley
D- Tampa and Jacksonville

My qbs are fine, same as my WR's.TE's are a concern with Shockey as an injury risk. My Rb's im not to sure with as Anderson i doubt w/ be the starter for long, and Martin and Barber playing tough teams on alot of the weeks and especially on the same weeks. Any recomendations???
I am high on DD as every time Barber or Martin play a tough team DD plays an easy team. I was also thinking about this tare

I trade C martin, R Wayne, and M anderson for D Davis, M Clayton and Fred Taylor

I know my tem would be more of an injury risk but it could also be better

Thanks for looking please post ur thoughts

09-01-2005, 06:47 PM
If you can pull that trade off then go for it. I am high on DD too, (traded Lamont and Braylon in a keeper league for him and Williamson) . He might have top 5 production. Team looks pretty solid.

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