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09-06-2005, 07:13 PM
Ok, so enough with my ranting of being a good player on Madden, now i will bring up the bad side....

I had a bad Sunday of Madden, I got my @$$ kicked pretty bad (and I mean BAD!) by some guy who had a mediocre record....the guy used the Eagles and believe it or not alll damn game long he used the shotgun formation...I dont know why my defense was not doing anything to stop him and for some reason he was completing every single damn play....

I never suspected a any cheating, it just seemed that he knew how to use McNabb as his throws were pretty damn accurate to TO...And his defense was brutal, However he used 1 defensive play throuought most of the game, until I figured it out...But before I could figure it out, I couldn't do squat, he took an early 14-0 lead and continued to use his brutal defense (which was effective against my passing, but not my running) but I began to get impatient and desperate so I began to air it out and that defense had me tied down pretty bad, I became very very furstrated to the point where I just began to use the same offensive play over and over again and I'd throw it out of frustration regardless if my WR was open or not, I was so pissed off that I basically threw the game away and lost something like 42-0... Most of my INTs were in the redzone so he'd turn around and score on me with his shotgun formations....After the game I regreted what i did because i must've thrown at least 7 INT's on purpose and i later thought how it would effect my online stats....but oh well, the good thing is that I asked for a rematch and he gave it to me....

He tried the same crap, but i said "not this time"....I began to throw plays at him that I never reveiled in the first game because of my frustration....And it payed off, I beat him the second time around and I think it got him frustrated as I asked for a third game and he wouldn't respond anymore...well, I figured at least i got the last laugh...the problem was the guy was a Dolphins fan and before the game I told him to visit us here on Finheaven. :lol:

And let me tell you about my "other" game, I was playing this guy with the Dolphins and he was the Steelers, as you may already know their defense is overrated in the game...well this guy to gaming to another level, he was a ranked player and the game basically went 7-7 throughout the entire game, up until the 4th qrtr....but the guy was a $hit talker, he'd pause and began to call me racial slurs (as you will notice I have the mexican flag on my madden profile) well at half time the guy began to call me a "beaner" and was telling me how much I sucked and he kept running his mouth, and this was out of nowhere, i mean it was 7-7 and i never even spoke to the guy....

well I let him talk and never replied because I was thinking I'm going to beat this guy, but his defense would penetrate my O-line like swiss cheese, I couldn't even get the ball off, and Ricky would seem to go backwards...I was stuck at 7-7 and was trying to throw everything I had at him but i kept fearing i would turn the ball over so I was playing super conservitave...Well he kept calling me racial names and I managed to keep my silence but I was running out of patience, he finally got a turnover in the 4th qrtr and retunred an INT for a TD and he paused the game and said "you F***en beaner, that is how we do it in America, You F***en suck! and eat it!" ...I finally had enough of the guy and broke my silence and I told him, "I am also American you dumb@$$, why don't you let me play you with a better team and see what happens, let's have a rematch and I will be the Chiefs, then we'll see who's better, just look at our records and tell me who's your daddy b!tch!" and he said "OK, let's play a rematch"....and when the game was over I tried to challenge him, but he signed off...I left him a message saying "that's what I thought, you ran like a b!tch" I added the guy to my list and you best believe I'm gonna get him....I can't wait.

09-06-2005, 08:58 PM
Yeah i hate it when i get frustrated! I really don't play outside of leagues games cause i either get disc glitched or some guy uses the same plays over and over again=not fun!

Prime Time
09-06-2005, 10:04 PM
When you wanna have that game Preda?

09-06-2005, 10:12 PM
I want to get the game and get live so bad that I know you guys play and stuff i played it online on the xbox against my buddys friend and I messed him up.