View Full Version : I was able to beat the infamous "RUN/PASS" glitch....(Warning: long read)

09-21-2005, 08:20 PM
I forgot to mention I think I can finally beat the infamous "RUN/PASS" glitch....

Last night I played a guy from Japan (or at least he had the japan flag under his alias) by the name of QMLAVIGNE... [[His profile----> http://www.easports.com/sports/madden06/scouting_zone.jsp?player=QMLAVIGNE&platform=ps2 ]]]]

the guy used the redskins and I was in for another glitcher....it was completely obvious that he was using the run pass glitch....

how did I know?? well, I would audible out to a pass in a strong run formation and he would audible to a pass defense....then i'd audible back to a run play and he's bring his whole defense in to the line of scrimmage....

then it became even more obvious when I would audible to a pass play without changing my formation...and he would audible to play the pass....well, it FAILED!!!

:D The Good news: I beat him. And I beat him worse then what the score says...despite beating him 27-21, It was 20-0 in the beggining of the 4th quarter...I let up and played super conservitave towards the end, he even ran one back for a TD on a kickoff...

:( The bad news: Unfortunetly, there is no "one" certain way to beat this glitch....I beat it because of the startegy I used....

:confused: What was my startegy?: well, first off, I would never give my startegy away to no one (then you'd know how to beat me :rolleyes: )But I will give you the basic idea, just in case you need to try and defend yourself from glitchers (Especially if you hate glitchers like I do!!!) ...

Ok, shut up and tells us already!: ok, ok, relax.....I would completely throw him off with my audibles (audibling within the same formation)....his guys could not audible fast enough to pull away.....

For example:

I would come out on a strong run play formation (actually selecting a run on that play) as soon as he brought brought his guys downs by pushing (Triangle+Left) I would aduible out to a pass play **IN THE SAME FORMATION** ...by the time he actuallly did his "thing" (what I mean by thing is: how he figures out if it's a run or a pass) and then by the time he actually sees I audibled to a pass and tries to audible to a pass defense, my guy is already beating his on the stride....

I did this for about 3 qrtrs.... and got the 20-0 lead....after that, I know for a fact it was getting to him, but guess what? he wasn't pulling that crap anymore....after 3 qrtrs he wasn't bring his guys in anymore and I began to run like crazy...the truth is this guy was so used to glitching and depending on that run stop glitch, that when it came down to actually playing some real-time madden, he didn;t even know how to stop my basic run!!! LMAO!!!

That's the way most of these guys are, they've grown into cheating that they rely on it so much that when you figure them out, they don;t have a plan B...where as to real madden players always have a plan B...heck I got a Plan A,B,C & D...and if that don't work, i will throw the kitchen sink at you!!

Anyway....this is a suggestion to counter that crap....I hate glitchers and I will try and help fight them as much as I can....that is why I am sharing this info with you guys, hopefully it helps one of you someday....

On a side note: **DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT** try and pull this strategy i just told you about, on me....it will not work, this is not my startegy at all, it is just a suggestion to counter this glitch that happened to work for me....If you try this on me, I will defeat you....you can audible all you want on me and this wouldn't work....It is only effective on the Run/Pass glitch....Also, notice I didn't say what play I would run or pass audible too, I'm sorry but this is for my gamplan discretion purposes... :D

One more thing: Given, the fact that he was using the Redskins he could not penetrate my offensive line...This startegy worked on him for whatever reason, im not sure, but it worked....I'm not sure if this would work on a team like the Steelers or Patriots who have better defenses and would get to my WR alot faster out of an audible.....anyway, hope this helps. ;)

I already told you guys how to stop the punt block glitch and that's worked for me 100% of the time....let's hope this is the beggingin of something new against glitchers...

I reserve the right to answer any questions....but feel free to ask away anyway ;)

Fudge 101
09-21-2005, 08:28 PM
I reserve the right to answer any questions....but feel free to ask away anyway ;)

heh thats pretty much what i do when i read major blitz anyways, but thanks for the time and effort into typing a strategy...

thanks for telling us the strategy or should i say blueprint into beating you :lol: just kidding...i know for a fact it works against you though ;)

09-21-2005, 08:32 PM
heh thats pretty much what i do when i read major blitz anyways, but thanks for the time and effort into typing a strategy...

yeah, pretty simple, your best bet is to audible into a pass play with the same formation that you are set to run in....it will get them.

09-27-2005, 02:36 PM
sorry i haven't played online yet but will soon--how can you tell if they're using the glitch and how is it done? (you can pm me if you don't mind if you don't want to re-hash it here) i just hear a lot of people talking about it but haven;t heard details on how it's done so i can try and beat it too---


09-27-2005, 02:42 PM
Your usage of the word startegy is killing me slowly. ;)

09-27-2005, 03:48 PM
Great post bro. It's so weak to cheat like that.

One of my greatest accomplishments as a Madden player was in a headset game vs this Asian guy who kept glitching/cheating as well. He got up on me 21-6 in the first half, but then I figured out how to stop what he was doing, and I put on 35 points in the 2nd half. He flat out couldn't play straight up.