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Award: Server Xfer 2010

Server Xfer 2010

Award Description
Members who survived the server transfer of 2010

Members who received this award: 91
, akfinfan, Wildbill3, Penthos, Daytona Fin, WeVie, The Goat, Hellweed, Bumpus, A&O, crumpdaddy, Goin` Deep, Buddwalk, AtticusFinz, XxFiN FaNxX, Dominate, southjerzmastax, CrazyCarl, CalDolFan10x14, BlaznRoarn, Thumper1016, DuderinoN703, SarahAnn, IHearJimi, jtoomuch, bigchub22, Aqua and Orange, phinsfan84, DUB, Bigjbizzle2, Calgaryfin, cuban_refugee, rainmaker1313, Dolfan4life!, DphinBillkiller, KevInMotion, tylerdolphin, houtz, dolpns13, Troysif, uga3406, fish920, dFinsRule, Phin-Phan 66, daltoninnm, DzakkH13, overworkedirish, DearbornDolfan, Djavelin, sm0kinfins, Danny68, LANGER72, Myles Fynch, dukandrun, ticophin, sinPHIN, HarryBagpipe, VADolphin54, NCFINFAN13, madisonfan90, a1csiriaS, X-Pacolypse, EvilDylan, 1 dol fan, fishfanmiami, Valandui, JCane, MadDog 88, Locke, MiZFiT, ADavieDolphin, SRM, justdev7, bucket656, Phinatic8u, Ricky_Fan34, ROADRUNNER, flynryan15, Rustedsalvo, CUBANBADGUY, Finfanohio, Tunaphish429, Drubatuba, kromix, vafins, PhinsPhan11, D0lphan72, FinFan 13, footsteps_falco, Phinfan99, ronmoney29
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