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  1. Speculation Dion Jordan MIGHT Not Be Ready for Week 1

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    ck probably knows more about this than i do but hasn't dion jordan at oregon had shoulder issues for years??? i know the stuff i saw of his last year he was playing with one arm pretty much...i wanna say this was more than a one time thing when it came to shoulder issues but maybe i'm off on that...
    Had a torn labrum since midway through 2012 but to my knowledge hasn't had any shoulder injuries prior.

    Problem is though he played too much with the injury. He injured ...
  2. Dolphins Will Be Better off Without CB Richard Marshall

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    CK im glad u flipped on this. Earlier I read u agreeing with Omar on Twitter they made themselves worse by cutting him. I did not deem that possible. Plain and simple hes not very good.
    I didn't change my opinion at all. Did you actually read what I wrote on twitter? Did you read the article?

    Richard Marshall was a good slot corner but that's it. The Dolphins cut a good slot corner so they're a worse team in 2013 because of the release. But they already HAVE a good ...