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  1. Ross donates $200 million to University of Michigan

    Quote Originally Posted by JC View Post
    If I may interject for a moment,

    Read the goddamn article based on who the author is. You all try to take a stab at B/R's reputation any time an article is posted. I had similar experience with posters every time I posted an article I had written when I used to write with them, and it's not needed. It takes a lot of craft and time to put together a well-thought piece, so how about since we know it's CK, we read the article instead of being dicks about it. That might be a nice change
  2. Greeny shows love on Mike & Mike

    Quote Originally Posted by psfign View Post
    also this morning, some intern chick asked the two Mikes which 2nd year QB would have the best year, but they only gave the options of Luck RGIII or Wilson. That stuff pisses me off that RT isnt even mentioned.
    Why would that piss you off? Let RT lead the Dolphins to the playoffs and then you'll have reason to be pissed at his not being on the list.