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    by Published on 03-13-2016 06:13 AM

    And the winners are...

    - Chuck Willie
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    Congratulations to all the winners!!!
    by Published on 02-23-2016 02:26 PM  Number of Views: 1411 
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    by Published on 01-14-2016 08:13 PM     Number of Views: 2797 

    • It was great to see Miami get the guy they were targeting. Adam Gase was the first choice and they got him. After years, of being denied by coaching and GM candidates, it was a positive step forward that Miami got their preferred choice. Not only that, but the “hottest” name chose Miami over other possible jobs. No one knows if Gase will be successful, but it is impressive the Fins snagged who many thought was the best coach available this hiring season.
    • While Gase was not on my list to hire, I completely understand the selection. Gase has an extremely high upside. His ability to coach up an offense, and more specifically a QB, makes him an exciting choice. Obviously, he was brought in to see what can be brought out of Ryan Tannehill. However, if Tannehill does not make progress under Gase, the team will have the ability to land a QB, either this year or next to grow with the new coach. I love hearing how Gase has adjusted his coaching to fit the player's’ skill set. Too many times, coaches are so hardheaded about players fitting their schemes. I am sure Gase has parameters that he wants within his scheme. However, it is a talented coach to recognize a player’s ability and try to adjust the scheme to utilize him best. Plus, Gase has seemed to be able to cover the weaknesses of his players as an assistant coach. I am excited that he is calling his own plays. This will be one of the most involved head coaches the Fins have had in a long time. Gase has been a dynamite play caller in his career.
    • I was looking for the following in a head coaching hire based on what I wrote in my 2015 Assessment. I chime in with how it relates to Gase.

    • Leadership: This next hire has to be a leader of a franchise. Who is willing to be the bold face of the franchise? Who is willing to lead and pull up a team that has been wounded by not meeting expectations? Who is the man that is going to have a vision that his players will enthusiastically follow? The Miami Dolphins need a leader of men. I have no idea about this one. However, the fact that two QB’s with big personalities loved working with him means a lot. Peyton Manning would not have brought him into his inner circle if he did not respect Gase. Likewise for Jay Cutler in that his career was at a crossroad. He loved Gase. I also find this quote interesting by Receiver Marc Mariani, “his interpersonal skills stand out: “That’s what has made him successful in the coaching business, He commands the room, but he engages his players and he has great relationships with all of us.” I am excited to hear the numerous stories of how built relationships with players which is the the ultimate leadership characteristic of strong coaches in today’s world.

    • Experienced: The next coach has to have prior head coaching experience. Whether that is in the NFL or at a major college, Miami cannot afford a first-timer. Some first time candidates will be hired and do tremendous, but Miami needs an experienced coach at this point. While he is young, his resume is very impressive in terms of who he has coached under and has coached. There will be some bumps in the road as a first time coach, but he has coached in some big spots as a coordinator.

    • Accountability: He needs to be respected, but does not have to be liked. I want to see a coach with an edge. I want to see a man that is willing to challenge his best players like he would his worst. The franchise needs to empower the next coach so the players know it is possible that the coach could dump them if they are not performing of the field. This current roster has had coaches that the players supposedly “liked” because they were player coaches. Now, it is time to have a guy that keeps the players accountable for their play. We will have to see. However, I bring to you Matt Slauson’s quote: “He’s all about accountability. He expects guys to do what they’re supposed to do. He holds guys to a very high standard. As offensive linemen, we’ve got to be on the correct guys using the correct technique. He’s always hammering that home all the time. He doesn’t let anything slide.” By Gase having control of the 53 man roster, he has the ability to keep the players accountable. Gase has the ability to show the players that buck stops with him.

    • Intellectual: The next coach has to be able to give the team an advantage with X’s and O’s. Maybe it is one side of the ball, maybe it is a position group or maybe it is calling a game. Whatever it is, Miami needs someone that can out-strategize an opponent. The Dolphins have had little to no superior intellectual ability for years on their coaching staff. That script has to be flipped with this next hire. Gase certainly checks this box. For the first time in a long time, the Dolphins will have an intellectual advantage on Sunday’s while on offense. He has been a master game planner and has been very effective utilizing his players. Former QB’s have raved about his game plans leading up to game day along with his play calling. Co-workers have practically said he is a savant about football. Very excited to have a coach that might be able to give the team a leg up in terms of strategy.

    • “Say Yes”: The Dolphins have been scorned when shopping for head coaches and GM’s in prior searches. The Fins cannot be turned down by multiple candidates in trying to fill this job this time around. The optics would be terrible for the organization. Target a list of coaches that are likely to want the job and interview them. From there, offer the job to the best candidate. Miami cannot be left at the altar this time around. As Miami charts a new future, Steve Ross and Mike Tannenbaum must show they are in command of the situation by not being led along and turned down by candidates. Gase said “yes”. There was no nasty haggling. This did not seem like his only choice. Miami got their guy they asked first.

    • Interesting the takes people have had since Gase has started to hire his staff. Here is what is most important in my opinion....Gase is hiring the people he wants and they all seem to have experience at the professional level. While he is not done at this point, and I would watch for him to try to pick some coaches off of the Denver staff, Gase seems to be putting together the people he wanted in the first place. I like the direction he is moving in terms of his staff.
    • It is the right decision for Dan Campbell to move on. It is best for him professionally and it is right for Gase as he creates his own football culture.
    • Obviously, this is a big hire in terms of Ryan Tannehill. This is a good fit for RT simply because Gase has fit with every QB he has ever worked with. It goes without saying that this is a huge year for Tannehill. Tannehill has the ability to become “Gase’s QB” or play poorly enough that Gase “finds his own QB” next offseason. I think Tannehill has a ton of ability and can lead the Dolphins to good things. This offseason the offensive line has to be appropriately fixed and, along with this new offensive system, Tannehill should be in a better position to show progress from last year.
    • I enjoyed the process of how Mike Tannenbaum led the committee in finding a new coach. There were no hiccups. No leaked stories of unprofessionalism. Miami looked good in their quest to find a coach. If the rumor was true that Tannenbaum liked Doug Marrone before the interviews, it shows the interviews were open and based on merit. Media insiders say that after the hire of Gase, the FO was completely unified because they were unanimous in their decision to hire the 37 year old coordinator.

    • So much for the hyperbolic rants of people around here about Tannenbaum. Things such as...

    • he would “not be able to find someone to take the job” because they did not want to work with Tannenbaum.

      Tannenbaum would pick “one of his cronies like Jim Mora or Eric Mangini”

      The pick had to be from the Parcells Tree.

      that the power structure in Miami would “turnoff any legit candidate”

      that Miami would “get used to increase the salary in another city”

    all proved to wrong. The front office, led by Mike Tannenbaum, landed the candidate that was considered the best on the market during this hiring season with no issues.

    • When word popped out that Miami was trying to land Gase, there was concern that somehow Miami would blow the deal. Once it got to the point of negotiation, it was a done deal because that is Mike Tannenbaum’s wheelhouse. He is a dealmaker and gets it done when it comes to a sealing the deal.
    • Many have brought up who has control of what in Miami’s current situation. We love to discuss who decided on a various free agent or draft pick. Here is the bottom line...if someone in the building has to pull out their contract to demonstrate the ability why they should have their way, the situation has already failed. Executives and coaches need to share the same vision and philosophy on how best to build a team. From there, through collaboration, a team is built. That does not mean there is not robust debate or sparks flying in a meeting room leading up to a decision. However, in the end, everyone ends up working in the same direction as the team builds toward success.
    • The team interviewed all legit coaching candidates. The list was not boxed in nor did it interview everyone under the sun. It was a very solid list of candidates that stayed the course in hiring a new coach.
    • Props to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald for being tuned into names that were being considered and was in before everyone that Gase looked to have the job and was willing to accept.
    • It is vital that as a fan base, we have patience with Adam Gase. I have never seen the fan base so angry, distrustful and negative. It is understandable because of the empty promises post Don Shula and Dan Marino. With that being said, Miami has a ton of potential in its new head coach and he must be allowed to put his plans in place while he grows as a coach. At the same time, Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier have been jeered since their arrival. Again, it is imperative that they are given the time to put a program together. For once, the Miami Dolphins have a vision that is shared by the leaders of the organization. All the powerbrokers in the organization are invested with each other. They must all succeed on the field to maintain their status. With all that being said, this new group leading the Dolphins must be given time to do the job. Miami has lacked continuity for years. Allow this group to make progress over time.