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      On if he will bring any coaches with him or continue with the current offensive staff) Ė ďObviously Coach (Joe) Philbin is in charge of the structure of the staff, and he and I have not had all of our conversations about the structure of the staff. What I know, and I did my research, is I know these are good coaches on the staff. They have great reputations. Iím excited to get to know them because I have not had a chance to get to know all of them. Thatís something that will be handled going forward.Ē

      (On something he has learned from the coaches that he has worked for along the way of his coaching career) Ė ďWell if we went one-by-one, we would exceed the time Jason (Jenkins) is going to give us. The number one thing that I think is common among all of those coaches, some of them you mentioned guys like Dan Reeves, Joe Gibbs, Mike Holmgren and Chip Kelly, the number one thing that was common was that they had a vision of how offensive football should look. They had a vision of what the football team is going to look like. Every single day when we went out to practice, they made sure that what they saw in the field was heading toward that vision. Itís the job of the coaches to keep pushing it in that direction. Each of them was different in how they wanted to win football games. Each of them was different in how they called the plays, but they had a vision, they knew what it was going to look like and it was an absolute drive to push the football team in that direction. I think as coaches, what Iíve learned from them is when we sit down and put together the offense and make our plans, thereís got to be a vision that doesnít change, that we are all committed to, and then every single day we are with the players and have a chance to impact them we keep driving in that same direction.Ē

      (On his impressions of Ryan Tannehill and what are one or two things he wants him to improve on) Ė ďIíve watched Ryan (Tannehill). I had a chance to see him during this season as far as some crossover game film. As I mentioned earlier, I had a chance to watch a little bit of video in my preparation and my talking with Coach (Joe) Philbin. The first thing I would say is that Iím really excited to work with him. I was coaching in college, I had left the NFL and was coaching in college when he came out, so I did not have the chance that maybe some others had at that time to evaluate him. Iím excited to work with him because I see a lot of ability. I see both physical ability. It appears from what I see the ability to play the game. It would be premature to make an evaluation of what he can be and what he can do because I havenít been around him that much. I think, as I mentioned before, I think there is a nucleus here in a lot of ways with Coach Philbin, with the staff and certainly with some of the talent Iíve had a chance to see so far. Iím really excited to be working with these players.Ē
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      "Lazor didn't just materialize on the Eagles staff last year. He has worked for Dan Reeves in Atlanta, Joe Gibbs in Washington, Mike Holmgren in Seattle and Kelly here. He has coached NFL quarterbacks and spent three seasons as offensive coordinator at the University of Virginia."

      Bill Lazor: In my own capacity as quarterbacks coach, I think there are two main things for me to do: Be a great teacher and be demanding. You've got to know your position inside and out. Then you have something to offer the players. Once that transmission of knowledge is in place, you need to set high expectations and draw out what you've taught them. You want to see it go from head knowledge to performance on the field.

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      * 89 yard TD drive that finished with a Ryan Tannehill TD pass to Mike Wallace. On the TD pass, Tannehill got everyone on the same page and threw, with great anticipation, to Mike Wallace. The throw had nice touch as well. The drive mixed things up well, including moving the pocket.
      * Lamar Miller. He had 73 yards on 17 carries. He ran hard and seemed to get better with the more carries he got.
      * Pass protection. After a bad week versus the Bills, they gave up no sacks and RT had time to throw.
      * 3rd down offense and defense were not great, but not awful...6 of 13 for the offense and 6 of 15 for the defense.
      * Koa Misi had a TFL on a 3rd and short play in the 1st half. He read the play well and got the tackle behind the line of scrimmage.
      * Brent Grimes was excellent today in coverage.


      * Lost Turnover Differential 3 to 0.
      * Ryan Tannehill turned in a clunker in a big spot. He was 20 of 40, 1 TD and 3 INT's. He was very inaccurate early in the game. While some of the picks were not awful decisions, the team needed more from their QB and he did not deliver. He missed a wide open Mike Wallace by overthrowing him down the sideline. If completed, Wallace would have gone for six. On a 3rd and long, Tannehill scrambled up the middle, but he went into the baseball slide and was marked just short. The 4th down play was stopped short a play later. RT needed to know where he was on the field and pick up the yards needed.
      * RT threw a pretty ball to Mike Wallace in the corner of the end zone. While he seemed to be interfered with, Wallace simply should have made the catch. A crucial miss in a tight game.
      * Rishard Matthews had a big drop.
      * Mike Pouncey penalties
      * The defense was terrible against the run. They gave up 154 yards.
      * The pass rush was nonexistent for the second straight week.
      * Dannell Ellerbe missed tackle at the end of the half as Geno Smith scored on a QB draw.
      * Phillip Wheeler in coverage.
      * Off his first Pro Bowl selection, Brandon Fields was terrible today. His first punt was a shank and netted only a few yards. He had 3 touchbacks.
      * Brian Hartline's knee injury was a major shake up for the football team. He was very important to the offense.
      * The team did not finish the half. They allowed the Jets to score a TD with seconds left.
      * Upon a Nick Folk miss, the Dolphins had some momentum and could not do anything with their next possession.
      * The offensive play calling was not very good for the most part. Some plays stand out more than others. The 4th and 1 in the 3rd quarter around midfield is one. A handoff to the Charles Clay had nowhere to go. With about a foot to go, perhaps a QB sneak was in order or something to the outside. They ran inside and got stopped short. The Mike Wallace screen on 3rd down in the 2nd half was completed well before the sticks. It was of awful design and had no chance of succeeding.
      * Kevin Coyle was terrible today. His calls were off and never created anything that got momentum going for his side of the ball. The game plan itself was questionable. The defense did not solve their run stuffing issues. They lost contain on Smith all game. They did not sniff the QB with their pass rush. At some point, Coyle should have tried to manufacture a pass rush, but he never did. Bad day for Coyle.
      * While we talked about the infamous 4th and 1 call and what led up to it, the game was still a one score game at the time. It was a desperation call on Joe Philbin's part to go for it. The right call was to punt it and pin the Jets offense back. Perhaps under duress, the Jets would turn it over. All the call did was give more confidence to the front-running Jets.
      * In a game where energy, emotion and guts would be necessary, the Dolphins seemed to lack any of those traits. The team needed to be primed and ready to go for a huge game and they simply were not up to the task.

      Overall Assessments

      * I need to take this spot to mention a few things. First of all, I was accused of being "negative" leading up to this game. I simply pointed out that there were some reasons why I was very concerned that the Jets would win. One was the respective attitudes of each team. The Jets, I felt, were going to play loose, while the Fins were going to be tight. I think that happened Sunday. Between the Jets running Wildcat plays and handing off to Sheldon Richardson for a TD, they were playing very free and easy. The Dolphins on the other hand, seemed tight. RT was off on many throws early, Matthews, Clay and Moore all had drops. The defense seemed a step slow, seemingly not wanting to give up a big play...yet, they never attacked and forced the Jets into bad plays. I also thought that there were tough match ups to consider. While some here did not want to acknowledge it, the fact was the Jets had the advantage on the offensive and defensive lines. Finally, I was concerned because I did not think this was a mentally tough Dolphins team this year. Again, I was killed for that thought. Yet, today, in a situation where the team needed to snatch a playoff spot...where they got all the help they needed throughout the league...they played small. I make these comments not to say "I told you so", but to point out that each week there are concerns versus each opponent. I attempt to point those out and find a solution to them so to have an idea how the Miami Dolphins can win a game.
      * What a brutal finish to the year. The Fins needed one of the final two games and they came up very small. The Fins lost their last two games 36-7. 7 points in the last 8 quarters.
      * How big was Ed Reed's tackle on Rishard Matthews? His shoestring tackle saved a TD and who knows how the game finishes if Matthews scores.
      * The only game the defense did not create a turnover happened to be today's game. Ironically, the Jets had the most turnovers in the NFL...yet the Dolphins could not get one.
      * Short yardage situations were such a struggle today as it was all year. The team has little physical presence inside and from its RB's. Not signing a true lead blocker was a huge mistake.
      * I am so tired of South Floridians or former Dolphins "coming home" and getting over on the Dolphins.
      * Only the Dolphins can take mega Vegas odds in regard to winning a playoff spot and not come through.
      * This year, the Dolphins were given so much help across the league. Not just today in terms of getting into the playoffs, but other teams losing at the right time versus the "right" opponent. They also had injuries that benefited them from opponents. Yet, the Dolphins could only muster a .500 record.
      * It is exasperating how many flags were throw versus the competition, yet the officials confer and pick up the flag. Why was the flag tossed in the first place?
      * This team lacks leadership. It lacks it from the head coach and the best players of the team. The last two weeks was the time for the Dolphins to play their best football, to come out attacking, to be aggressive...to play without regrets. Yet, the team did none of that. They actually played their two worst games of the year in the most vital points of the season. That poor play has to be answered for.
      * Changes will be made, but where. The status quo is not going to cut it. However, I will say this: I do not think Joe Philbin will get the ax. Steve Ross likes him and Philbin is "his" guy, his "hire". However, keeping Phlbin and making changes to other parts of the organization can be dangerous. Ross will have to find a GM with prior ties to Joe Philbin or agree with the new GM that Philbin stays on next year. That will easily cut down the talent pool of GM candidates. Secondly, people want Mike Sherman out. I cannot defend Sherman's performance. However, once again, if Joe Philbin stays, he comes back as a lame duck of sorts next season. Going into '14 season, Philbin will easily be one of the coaches on the hot seat. If that is the case, what inspiring O.C. is going to want to come to Miami? Philbin will have his pick of the "second tier". The Dolphins are in a really difficult spot right now.
      * What is Joe Philbin's exact strengths exactly? We were led to believe he was a sound offensive mind, but that has not materialized in his first two seasons. He is obviously not a master motivator. He leaves a lot to be desired in terms of his management on game day. Outside of continuity, I am not sure what is so valuable about Joe Philbin returning as the head football coach of the Dolphins.
      * What hurts so much about today's loss is you never know when you will have the opportunity to get into the playoffs. There are some emerging teams in the AFC and it will be more competitive next year. The conference was down this year, however. Making the playoffs was there for the taking. I want nothing more than to see our Dolphins be relevant in January. It is daunting to think of climbing that "mountain" again next fall. This season was so emotional in so many ways. Today, was a really tough loss that will stick with the franchise and fans for a long time.