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    by Published on 12-26-2016 12:38 PM

    For the first time since 2008 the Miami Dolphins are in the playoffs. Thanks to Denver Broncos losing last night to Kansas City the Dolphins secured a Wild Card spot for the 2016 season. This team has come a LONG way since the beginning of the season.

    Team started out 1-4 and even beating the Browns felt like it was more of a loss than a win. Then along comes week five and the start of a six game winning streak. Adam Gase has been a God send for this team. The man turn the Dolphins around in a single season. He managed to purge the old poisonous culture that Joe Philbin set during his time as head coach and set up the "next man up" mentality that the Dolphins have been playing with all season. I don't know about anyone else but I have never seen any Dolphins team respond as well to a head coach as they have to Adam Gase.

    As of this writing the Dolphins have to travel to Pittsburgh and take on the Steelers for the first round of the playoffs. Do you think the Dolphins can once again over come adversity and topple the Steelers a second time in one season? Let us know what you think in the main forums!
    by Published on 12-24-2016 05:24 AM   

    J-E-T-S SWEPT SWEPT SWEPT!!! Its always good to knock out a division rival, especially twice a year. Miami looks to break out the brooms once more this week when they fly to the Buffalo to take on the Bills.

    This game has a lot riding on it. If Miami can beat Buffalo and if Denver loses to the Kansas City they are in the playoffs. However if they lose in Buffalo they will need help in order to get into the playoffs. And the Bill are certainly going to try their hardest to trip up Miami's playoffs aspirations.

    Over the past few year Buffalo has been a thorn in Miami's side. Miami managed to beat the Bills by three points earlier in the year relying on Jay Ajayi's run ability to control the pace of the game. The Bills will likely look to do the same with LeSean McCoy. Thankfully Miami's defense has been clicking a lot better since the last time the Dolphins played the Bills which should hopefully help lead the Dolphins to a victory.

    The other factor to this game is the fact that it could mean Rex Ryan may be out of a job at the end of the season. While that may not seem like a big deal Ryan is a players coach and even though the Bills have a long shot to make the playoffs, there is a high chance the Bills will play really tough just to win one for the coach.

    In my personal opinion the game will come down to who has more desire. Will the desire to make the playoffs push the Dolphins to out play the Bills or will the desire to win one for the coach allow the Bills to top the Dolphins? Let us know what you think in the main forum!
    by Published on 12-19-2016 10:35 PM

    For Miami to get the 6 seed

    11-5 - Miami would guarantee themselves the 6 seed and have serious aspirations about the 5 seed

    10-6 - Miami would have lost one of their final two games (@ NYJ & vs. NE) AND Denver would have to lose at least 1 of their final two games (@ KC & vs. Oak). If Denver were to win their final 2 games, Miami would need KC to lose their final 2 games so KC can win the tiebreak over Denver (division tiebreak) and we can win the tiebreak over KC (common games tiebreak). This scenario would guarantee us the 6 seed, and possibly the 5 seed (see below)

    9-7 - Miami would have lost both of their final games and they need a bunch of stuff to go their way including: Denver going 0-2, Baltimore going 0-2, Buffalo going 1-1 (they would edge us out via strength of victory), Tennessee going 0-2, etc. Just an unimaginable situation, one that will merit more analysis if we lose next week and see the other results.

    For Miami to get the 5 seed

    11-5 - Miami would need Kansas City to lose at least one of their last 2 games and Oakland to win at least one of their last 2 games. Oakland would win the division and we would beat KC on tiebreak (common games).

    10-6 - Miami would need Kansas City to lose both of their final 2 games and either Baltimore or Pittsburgh to finish 9-7. KC wins any tiebreak vs. Denver in the AFC West due to Division Record and we own the tiebreak over KC (common games). However if Baltimore and Pittsburgh both finish 10-6, Baltimore would win the division and in a 3 way race between KC/Miami/Pittsburgh . . . Pittsburgh is the 5 seed because of the best conference record (4 losses). Miami and KC would have 5 conference losses and Miami wins the tiebreak via common games to maintain the 6 seed.

    9-7 - No chance to get the 5 seed
    Thanks to Finheaven member Kdawg954 for posting this in the main forum. You can participate in his thread here.

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