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    by Published on 08-30-2015 11:13 PM  Number of Views: 173 
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    Miami Edges Atlanta 13-9

    The Miami Dolphins debuted their newly renovated stadium in front of the largest preseason crowd in many years. They defeated the Atlanta Falcons 13-9 with a stingy defense, a touchdown drive and a couple field goals from Andrew Franks. Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry had an amazing 46 yard reception from Ryan Tannehill that helped drive the Dolphins down the field. Earl Mitchell had a great performance coming up with big stops. The offensive line did their job protecting Tannehill despite having a makeshift lineup.

    The good news for the Dolphins is they are hitting all cylinders and they escaped the game with minimal injuries. Mike Pouncey injured his knee but reports have said it is not too serious. Saturday's game was probably the last game that a majority of the starters see any real playing time. Miami released 11 players today as the work their way down to a 75 player mandatory roster by Tuesday. The Dolphins will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night. The team has some question marks at some areas with injuries but overall they seem to be all systems go as they carry their preseason success into the regular season.

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    by Published on 08-29-2015 08:56 AM

    Miami is set to take on the Falcons today at home. This will be the first time the Dolphins have played in Sun Life Stadium since the remodel started at the end of last season.

    Please feel free to jump in on the discussions on the main forum. Let's go Miami!
    by Published on 08-23-2015 01:05 PM     Number of Views: 348 

    RE: Thoughts on the game.

    I think Carolina obviously deserved to win the game. They played better than we did. We had an eight point lead in the fourth quarter. They made more plays. I told the team, a lot of games in the NFL are decided in the fourth quarter. They certainly made a lot of plays in the fourth quarter. Certainly I made a bad decision in throwing the challenge flag early in the game. There is no other person to blame than me. It was disappointing. We had an eight point lead and we let it slip away.

    RE: On whether his starters are ready for the season.

    They have done some good things. Our defense ended up having a few more snaps than we had planned because of how the drive unfolded there. I think that was a positive. Obviously they made the stand at the end, and that was good too. So, I think they did some good things both sides of the ball. There were some good things out there.

    RE: On his concerns with Jason Fox.

    We will see, we will take it a day at a time, but we will see where our options are at.

    RE: Thoughts on challenge flag.

    I already told you, It was a bad decision. I had the red flag, and I threw it. Pretty simple. Thatís it.

    RE: On running game Michael James looked good in pregame.

    He ran the ball hard. He looked like he did a better job in the return game and ran the football hard. He ran quickly in pregame and carried on into the game. I think Lamar has been solid; I like how Damien has contributed. I think in second half there was too much penetration no consistency running in the second half.

    RE: Turnover margin.

    I see the guys, when studying the tape, I see them working on technique attempting to strip and club and punch the ball loose. Obviously we would love to get some sack fumbles thrown in there, a couple more picks. But I do see us working on the technique we just have to have faith, and continue to work on it, stress it, and opportunities will present themselves and we will make those plays.

    RE: On goal line stand

    Oh that was great. Again, I donít know how long of a drive it was in term of amount of plays, but I think it was good for our defense who hadnít been on the field in a long time yet, during the course of the season, so to step up there at the end was awesome.

    RE: On kicking situation I thought both guys did better.

    I thought they hit the ball better. Sitting there watching the ball come of their foot I thought both guys did some positive things.

    RE: On Tannehill I think he has had a good camp.

    Youíve been to a lot of those practices, and I think he is throwing the ball well and is making good decisions. He hasnít put the ball in harmís way very much. I think he is doing well.

    RE: On whether he is concerned on depth in closing out the game.

    I mean not necessarily. We obviously have to do a better job in closing out the second half. We had a couple interceptions again, and we canít throw interceptions. We had two this week, a bunch of give a ways last week. Itís hard to win games in the regular season, preseason, it doesnít matter when you give the ball away.

    RE: On his concerns with the injuries.

    Yeah well you never like that game. Sometimes you learn more the day after. We will have to see how it looks tomorrow when he comes in. You hate to see guys get hurt, because these guys are working their tail off. Unfortunately, thatís part of football and we have to deal with it.

    RE: On who will replace Jason Fox.

    I mean, we are going to have to keep all of our options open and we will have to see where we are at the end of the week as practices unfold this week. We will have to see who is available and who we feel is best answer at that position.

    RE: Whether Damien Williams is ready to step in.

    He has done well. He has practiced well; he has done well on special teams. Yeah, I like what he is doing.

    RE: Thoughts on readiness of team right now after second game in preseason.

    Again, I donít think we have played a complete game in the preseason, we have to do better. We have to do a better job on offense holding on to the football. We have done some positive things. We will take a look at the film, and get a better hand on it.

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